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Similarly, there are also challenges that are faced by the hotel industry, and for a particular hotel to dominate, it has to work its way up the ladder through the accomplishment of many goals and to overcome its internal and external challenges. Hotel management is an essential part of this industry because it is the backbone of the success of every hotel business. Proper management influences the way a hotel will prosper in the competitive market. Based on hotel management strategy of every hospitality firm, brings in the notion of grouping these hotels in different categories. Such rates are known as the star ratings. If these changes are well performed at the right time, then a hotel business is most likely to prosper.

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Joie de Vivre hotel has many of its branches located thought California. This hotel has also majored in the side business of boutiques which are also included within the hotel premises (Healy & Palepu, 2012). The boutique's hotel differentiations that are located in the hotel's lodging industry are meant for the provision of personalized accommodation and customer services that are not being offered by many hotels. Joie de Vivre is one of the boutique hotels it stands out among many hotels throughout the country because it is uniquely stylized and well designed. Furthermore, many people neighboring this hotel and its branches work for many hours through the day making them face a lot of pressure from work. In such a case, provision of facilities and services to these people that can make them feel relaxed such as high tech AV may attract more people to seeking services where their satisfaction is met.

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In this case, JDV hotel has involved this as part of its many strategies to reach its customers all over the nation. Joe de Vivre hotel has a good demographic environment that suits all by serving the general population in different ways. The hotel has many restaurants within its business entities that are more suitable for practices and celebrations such as weddings. The workers know how to interact with customers from every diverse group, and this is one of the key areas that the hotel's management considers before hiring its workers. Some of the socio-cultural factors within the hotel is the availability of a pension plan for its workers (Hung, Shang, & Wang, 2010). This is important to its business because, with a good pension plan, it gets to keep most of its employee whose services are excellent and productive to the hotel business.

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A better pension plan makes the workers have the notion that once they are out of this business, they are well looked after because of the good cash that is in store for them. Some of the political-legal factors faced by the hotel include the tax laws. There are extra front services that are provided by the JDV hotel that makes it outstanding from the rest mainly in this competitive environment. The provision of luggage storage services has helped many customers who get attended to in this hotel. The customers, particularly those traveling with many luggage are now allocated stores where they can safely keep their belongings. For instance, for a customer who needs to check out in the morning yet their flight is in the afternoon, they can keep their belongings in safe rooms and go shopping as they wait for their afternoon flight.

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Taking care of the customers’ travel arrangement is another extra service that the hotel offers at the front desk. T. Shang, J. K. Wang, F. C. Y. Chen, S. C. Total quality management, market orientation and hotel performance: The moderating effects of external environmental factors. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 31(1), 119-129.

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