How ai has transformed the marketing industry

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In particular, AI is transforming almost every aspect of marketing including the use of chatbots to meet consumer needs, formulation of strategic emails to reignite waning consumer interest and creation of specialized ads targeting a defined audience (Miller, 2018). Given this, markets have to incorporate the use of AI, especially if they want to keep up with the vibrant and competitive digital landscape. As such, AI serves a significant purpose in the world of marketing that has in the past exploited technological advancements to support their marketing campaigns and give brands the competitive edge over other key players within the market (Conick, 2017). Looking ahead, experts predict that the industry will shift to a more controlled environment with targeting that looks beyond the standard differentiation of demographics.

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For instance, industry experts highlight that AI can enable marketers to take into consideration how people feel about a given experience. The increase in the number of web surfers has heightened the demand for online assistance as customer service agents are flooded with a flurry of questions (Miller, 2018). To address this phenomenon, marketing departments deploy the use of chatbots services such as Gupshup, that route consumer to helpful destinations. The adoption of chatbots has not only enabled companies to improve their online assistance services buts also achieve cost reductions to increase their annual revenues. The adoption of this technology is a win-win situation for both businesses and consumers (Miller, 2018). Specifically, this is highlighted by the fact that it establishes a new channel with evolving features and capabilities that go beyond simple conversations such as product recommendations that are based on user input.

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Some of the notable retailers that exploit the use of this technology include E-Bay and Amazon both of whom build consumer models from their information and create personalized product catalogs for their online customers. Through this, the technology has made shopping convenient for the online users thereby increasing annual company revenues. E-commerce businesses revolutionized the business sector by creating a convenient way through which consumers can purchase products. However, most companies face changes such as the abandonment of online carts or consumer delays in making purchases. However, the advent of AI provided a solution to businesses by enabling them to re-market to these consumers who had registered on their platform using a verified email (Miller, 2018). Through the use of this technology, marketers collect data that enables them to optimize their online campaigns.

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Besides, these tools enable marketers to generate personalized content (Vargiu, E. , & Urru, 2013). Therefore, this technology serves to avert the challenge of content creation and enable marketing departments to scale their advertisements. AI bears the potential to transform the marketing industry given its continual advancements. Given their ability to scale operations, experts warn that continual use will result in mass layoffs. For example, chatbots are now replacing customer service agents (Cellan-Jones, 2014). With this, people are concerned that this will have a negative impact on the working environment. Given that AI is set to replace certain tasks within the working environment, jobs will evolve to ensure organizations can continually tap on its potential (Conick, 2017). Additionally, the AI tools have been criticized on the notion that they “stalk” people online.

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Technological advancement set the stage for the advent of AI, a technological innovation that has been applied in different domains including finance, healthcare, and facial recognition. While AI has received little attention in Marketing, its continual use in advertisements has revolutionized this industry. In particular, businesses now use chatbots to improve customer’s service and a personalized promotion approach to meet specific consumer needs. Besides, AI has enabled the development of personalized email campaigns and tools such as Cortex that snip on competitor’s online tactics. Despite this, AI is set to revolutionize the marketing industry further to improve the consumer experience. org/marketing-news/the-past-present-and-future-of-ai-in- marketing/ Miller, J. Ways AI is transforming marketing. Accessed March 8, 2019 from https://aibusiness. com/5-ways-ai-transforming-marketing/ Vargiu, E.

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