Human Growth and Development

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A principle in early childhood education is defined as the laws or the doctrines which have been generally accepted so as to guide the actions and the conduct of the teachers. For example, the pupils have to be prepared well before taken to the next stage. According to Bergin et al, (37), a theory refers to that idea that focuses on explaining how children grow over the course of the childhood. Theories of early childhood growth and development focus on different aspects of child development which includes emotional, social and cognitive growth. Demonstration of concepts, principles, and theories in early childhood development Various concepts have been widely used by teachers and other individuals in the videos in order to demonstrate the stages of children growth and development.

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Second, it is a principle shown in the video that learning should follow a certain sequence. This is to prevent cases of confusing the children hence tempering with their growth and development. (Bergin et al 90)Thirdly, children develop best when relationship building is encouraged. This has been demonstrated by the way the learners are allowed time to mingle with their fellows and also with their teachers. Again, play is a very important vehicle in child development because it promotes language, cognition, and social competence. According to this theory, children are shaped by experiences to become what they want. Finally, social learning theory is evident in the videos. This theory postulates that the behavior of children is well learned through behavior and modeling (Legare, 80).

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