Human Resource Management and significance in the World of Today

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Indeed, it is a world of a cut-throat competition. Even then, businesses can well remain ahead of peers. They can so do by capitalizing on the avenues that would give them a competitive edge amongst peers. One such area is the human resource. Employees are a unique asset an organization owns and can be organized in such a way that effectiveness and efficiency are achieved. The paper joins a million of other published works that reflect on the role and significance of human resource management in today’s world. Project Background3 This research was inspired by an article published in the New York Times Magazine of 25th Feb 2016, “Rethinking the Work-Life Equation. ” The piece pointed to the challenging work environment that needs to be balanced with family life (Dominus).

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The research sought to reflect on the dynamics within the human resource management departments of businesses and the role of effective human resource management with a view of inspiring human resource managers to adopt an approach that integrates organizational goals and interests with those of its employee. This way, the paper becomes a magnum opus that will inspire effective and efficient human resource management meeting an organization’s ambitions while not depriving the worker an opportunity to meet theirs too. The triplet advised that work had to be shared and roles assigned to specific individuals resulting in the modern-day division of work and departmentalization (Paillé, 455). Organization Citizenship Jackson, Randal and Kaifeng 1 argue that, for firms to perform well above their peers, they need to cultivate a culture where the overall employee turnover is minimal.

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In such, workers feel indebted to pay for their service good things done to them by their organization. They feel that they are members of an organization and never want to be separated from it. This way, Jackson, Randal and Kaifeng 1 posit that this is called organizational citizenship and is a result of effective human resource management. Some part of the study was also quantitative where study wanted to establish if the number of resources spent in a worker made an impact. Instrument: Research used a marquidt questionnaire to gather data that was on a 5 Likert scale 8as below: a. Impacted very much. b. Impacted much. This research reviewed only sources that had been published since 2012 as older sources were deemed to be of irrelevancy.

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Data Analysis This research relied on SPSS tools for data analysis10. Research first computed frequencies, analyzed descriptive characteristics and sought to calculate the correlation between human resource management behavior and the employee performance. For the sampled population of 200 employees, there were 167 males and 33 females. Of these, 3% were aged below 19 years, 19. Table 2, in the appendix, was then tabulated as follows for the ease of the calculation of the correlation between human resource management behavior and the output by the workers as shown in table 3. corr(r)= corr(r)= corr(r)== 1. Corr(r)= 1. A correlation near 1 is a strong positive correlation between the two variables under consideration. For the above, there exist a strong positive correlation between investing in the human resource and the output exhibited by workers15 hence; a positive human resource management behavior is key to giving a firm a level playing ground to achieve its dreams.

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Otherwise, they will soon be competed out by peers and may even be ousted from the market. References18 Armstrong, Michael, and Stephen Taylor.  Armstrong's handbook of human resource management practice. Kogan Page Publishers, (2014):1-350. Delery, John E. com/2016/02/28/magazine/rethinking-the-work-life-equation. html on 10th Dec 2017 at 0650 hrs. GMT+. Jackson, Susan E. Randall S.  Journal of Business Ethics 121. Sheehan, Maura. Human resource management and performance: Evidence from small and medium-sized firms.  International Small Business Journal 32. Storey, John. So the human resource manager ought to be an individual who is initiative and innovative (Sheehan, 560). This way, he will organize his team in such a way that it is innovative and this is what the above research paper calls as the competitive advantage of a firm.

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The human resource therefore, if well used will generate a lot of benefits to the organization. c. A Human Resource manager advises on compensation22 It is the role of the Human resource manager to advise his organization on how well to remunerate its employees. Age     Below 19 6 3 20-29 39 19. above 30   15   Working Experience Less than 5 years 48 24 5-10 years 86 43 11-15 years 25 12. years 35 17. More than 20 years 6 3 Respondent position All were junior serving under a human resource manager Table 2: effect of extra investment of resources on output by workers (Results and Findings) Number of workers % units invested in a worker(X) Increase in output (Y) 10 20 35 20 24 40 40 17 24 45 34 46 25 25 32 24 31 48 26 16 20 10 23 34 Table 3: analyzing the relationship between effective human resource management and human resource output (Discussion) Number of workers % units invested in a worker(X) Increase in output (Y) XY X2 Y2 10 20 35 700 400 1225 20 24 40 960 576 1600 40 17 24 408 289 576 45 34 46 1564 1156 2116 25 25 32 800 625 1024 24 31 48 1488 961 2304 26 16 20 320 256 400 10 23 34 782 529 1564.

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