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For organizations which consider their employees as the most critical asset of the company, Human resources are precious. Human resource helps in the motivation of employees to top performance and maintain the organizational culture of hire performances. Human resource department in the organization plays the most critical roles which are discussed below in details. Recruiting and Hiring the New Employees In any company, choosing among the best employees is the key to success in the business. A good human resources manager knows the best platforms and websites to get the best-qualified recruits. The training and development also provide the firm’s rational hiring practices and the worker development to formulate the new employees for the prominent roles. Proper training gives the employee a clear image of the organization, and this helps the employee in growth and a day to day activities.

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Training also offers the recruits the chance to understand the mission and the vision of the organization hence preparing them well in what to expect in their workplace. This exercise also offers the new employees chance to meet their co-workers and their employers. It also ensures excellent awareness of the significant safety policies and procedures of the organization. Also, human resource managers should develop structures for motivating the top performing employees thus enhancing healthy competition in the organization. Human resource manager must also access the employees who are ready for promotions in the organization and ensure that they are offered the required training. Furthermore, the human resource department provides active communication channels between the employees and managers Communication is a vital part of delivering employee’s involvement and commitment.

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Employees need always to feel that they are listened to, and their concerns and opinions are taken seriously. Poor communication leads to the frustrated workforce and poor employee relation thus low productivity (Woodrow, 42). The employee handbook also states the policies and procedures that prevent liability thus it can be used in solving a crisis in the workplace. Moreover, the employee handbook also lists the organizational methods regarding holidays, leave, pay systems, dress code and many more. This helps in building employees satisfaction and confidence at work. Discipline policies are also addressed in the handbook explaining the conduct behaviors which can get the employee into trouble. Legal Protection Human resource department also adds value to a company through legal protection from discrimination and unlawful terminations.

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Planning Human resource professionals take part in the strategic planning of an organization. This includes the assessment of the current strengths and weaknesses which the company is facing. Also, the organization should plan on the best ways of improving the conditions of the employees at work if there are any threats in their working places. It also involves the human resource view on the future expectations of the company and the resources needed to achieve those goals and objectives. This helps the company to have a clear strategy required to execute those plans. They should also engage the workers in training on how to safely handle the dangerous equipment and perilous chemicals. Human resource ensures that the risk department undertakes its mandate in safeguarding the employees working in hazardous conditions.

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Employees working in excellent and safe conditions are most likely to be more productive thus increasing the company’s production and value. Also, human resource department also helps in minimizing the company’s publicity and obligation linked to claims of biased employment practices (Kuipers et al. First, they categorize the issues and solve them earlier enough to avoid more costly problems in future. Recognition and Reward Programs Employers must recognize that a satisfied and motivated employee has an advanced prospect of producing weighty assistances to the organization. Human resource department has experts who deal with employee recognition and reward programs which add a lot of value to an organization. In the workplace, an effective reward program helps in attracting, retaining and motivating employees.

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This can be done by rewarding the employee such as bonus as a way of acknowledging good job done. Recognition and reward system aids in reinforcing the strategies that facilitate change or support anticipated company values (Gill, 266). Strategies are made on how to reach the set targets through creating awareness in the company workplace. Performance measurement can also help identify the disconnected worker who for whatsoever reason no longer feels committed to the organization. Strategies can also be made to bring back the detached worker to full commitment and involvement. Human resource department also plays a prominent role relative to employee related features of sustainability. This is achieved by developing appropriate designs and data collection methods and tools. " Human Resource Management Review 25.

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