Impact of Extra Curricular Activities

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The study will show the importance of the co-curricular activities in the school, how the school benefits itself. The impact that the students get after undergoing the activities will also be focused on. The fields like swimming, football, basketball and other kinds of games will all be major on to ensure that there is accurate data at the end. Different forms of methodology should be used to ensure that there is an accurate data. The research will show if there some limitations that the researchers will not go over, like if they are too private to be addressed. Observing how people are engaging in the practice, the actual games and in other fields of exercising the co-curricular activities will be effective to reconsider when it comes to analyzing the data.

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Not many of the student get interested in the same kind of game or activity. Getting to know the most practiced activity will enable the researchers to understand if there is an improvement on a particular side. As the school is all age thus, hosting every kind of person to study in it, young people cannot be doing the same co-curricular activities with the adults; by identifying which kind of activities are practiced by which group, it will help when it comes to the data collection. The type of study will be researched with an aim to identify the importance of participating in the co-curricular activities. The researcher must ensure that he tries as best as he can to ensure that he does not present a report that is not accurate for recording.

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This means that the researcher must be accurate with a clear understanding of what he is doing. The researcher must ensure that he uses the right medium when it comes to the recording of the data. Poor means of recording will lead to losing or tampering with the data. The mood and the tone when communicating should be of the right manner thus meaning that the researcher must be able to apply all forms of communication skills. One must have the right approach to the data, that id the method used like the sampling, questionnaire and other forms of data collection. For one to have an accurate data, all these kinds of methods will be applied. The feedback is of great importance as it helps to ensure that the data gotten is accurate and also of high quality.

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The data analyses strategies will be arranged in a SWOT manner that is, the strength, weakness, opportunities and the treats. This will be a wonderful manner to present the data as it will be perfectly arranged in a manner that people can get to understand easily. The timeline will always remind the management that they have work to do. The timeline will give a vision of what they want to archive, the goals that they are aiming and how they are working towards them. The timeline of the events that the school targets must not be of a long time as the students participate in the co-curricular activities every day. The events must convenient that they can be worked out without much struggle.

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