Impact of Tariffs Proposed to be Imposed on Steel by Trump

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Subject Area:Economics

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This paper analyzes how these tariffs would impact on the US economy by weighing their effects on the negative and positive sides. Tariffs are categorized under restrictive trade policies. This is because they violate the provisions of the free trade environment and therefore leading to the change in export and import plans. Therefore, tariffs on steel that Trump wants to sign in are just going to create a trade atmosphere that cannot favor all. As most economists indicate here, trade environment with restrictive polices create a ground for a loser and winner, hence such tariffs create an uncertain trade environment (O'Sullivan et al. This implies that industries manufacturing steel and aluminum will not then have to lay off the workers. On a positive side, the US government states that it seeks to restrict lowly charged imports on steel and this means that if exporters from those countries have to bring such products to the US, then they will pay more (Kaynak, and Seyoum 354).

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