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They are well informed of all the patients, what they need, their conditions and how to adequately help them in recovering and retaining back their healthy lives. One of the significant challenges witnessed by our health units is nursing staff shortages. Many health units have a less number of nurses as compared to the patients which these health units receive on a daily basis. This has often led to the crisis in many hospitals, and it has created adverse impacts across many health units. The issue of nursing staff shortage in health units will be explained and explored based on one of the major hospitals in the United States located in South Carolina in one of the major cities in the area.

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The perspective system theory is a critical theoretical framework that can be applied in explaining the effects of the shortage of nursing staff in the hospital. According to the theory, even the smaller parts and smaller issues in any organisation can bring a significant impact on the functional and the service delivery in any organization (Twigg, Gelder & Myers, 2015). Therefore, the shortage of nursing staff in the organization has an enormous impact on the well-being and the health of the patients in the hospital. The success of any medical procedure offered by the doctors to a patient depends on the guidelines and follow-ups that the nurses make on the patients. Nursing staff shortage, therefore, means that no follow up can be made on the patients and this may derail the recovering of the patient and in some instances, it may even lead to loss of lives (Glette, Aase & Wigg, 2017).

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The SWOT analysis of the hospital is discussed below: Strengths • Continuous and consistent funding from the government • specialised and well-trained doctors • efficient and well-structured hierarchy of command and good leadership Weaknesses • shortage of nurses • overcrowding in the hospital setting hence lack enough space Opportunities • Application of modern technology in management • funding from the government to be used to hire more nurses Threats • costs of running the general operations are quite enormous • lack of trained information technology experts The effectiveness of the nursing leadership adopted in running the affairs of the institution largely depends on the implementation of the SWOT analysis. This is an essential framework for running the hospital and overcoming the challenges with ease. Defining the New Leadership Position in the Hospital Leadership provide a practical framework for dealing with the challenges in the hospital.

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