Implementing a Global Business Technology Plan

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 It is for the aforementioned reason that companies are at times compelled to hire consultancy services regarding management. Organizations seeking these services range from public corporations, government agencies, private firms, and most of the nonprofit run organizations. The basis of the hiring, in this case, is the assortment of the right expertise from sampled consultants. The expertise here is in most cases absent among the employees within a firm. Furthermore, the development and coordination of projects is at times crucial and may need the involvement of experts that may not be available from within a firm. Newer ventures in the technological line are the sole content of this paper. Suniva firm strategies are therefore analyzed versus the recommended plan outlined. Description and Assessment Solar panels are used in most parts of the globe.

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However, they are known to exist in a standardized form that has not changed for a period of time. Little or no improvements have been made regarding the solar panels and that is technologically hogwash (Brewer, 2010). It is important to note that the natural resource is harnessed and made useful for the better part of the population to use (Brewer, 2010). Suniva is excellent at its works and this will therefore not be an uphill task even as they look into venturing into neighboring Mexico. The step to advance beyond the boundaries of the states is a bold one that is best classified as global and hence must have a well-constituted plan. Suniva as an organization aspires to be the best in as far as the manufacturing of solar panels is concerned.

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It is the company's goal to ensure their products are the best in the market. Suniva firm has a business technology plan aimed at ensuring they attain what they have in their mission and vision statements. The plans are divided into the following segments. Technology Plan The technology used in the manufacturing of solar panel has been in existence for a very long period of time. It is however very unfortunate that very little has been done regarding the improvement of the technology for consumer benefits (Jahangirian et al. Heat from the sun undergoes transformed into usable forms for the clients. Financial Plan A budgetary allocation of up to 500 million USD will be enough to complete the newer project for the manufacturing of the panels.

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The monetary allocation there will be enough to cater for any forms of emergencies and miscellaneous expenses. Every panel requires about 100 USD to produce. Multiple productions will be more cost-effective. The sale of each panel at 200 USD will thus be beneficial for both the employers and the clients. The sole aim here remains to be the production of quality products that clients will buy. This way the firm makes a profit while the clients' needs are satisfied. Operational Plan The outline of the company has everything well figured out right from the acquisition of raw materials to the erection of manufacturing plants. A transport mechanism is also well figured out alongside a warehouse for the storage. The demand is predicted to increase and therefore there is the intermittent need to ensure supply is not affected.

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Reaching Out to Stakeholders Communication is a very crucial aspect of the implementation of a strategic plan. The firm's management must, therefore, be on toes in terms of the regular and efficient communication to employees especially those of the frontline (Wang et al. The other stakeholders here include investors, partners, and customers. Measuring Progress and Monitoring Strategic Plan The implementation of the strategic plan must be counterchecked from time to time to ensure everything goes on as planned. There are indicators that can be used to monitor and give a measure of the fairing of the strategic plan. The operations of Suniva Company, for instance, should be guided by the outlaid goals. The operations here include but are not limited to marketing, research, sales, organizational structure, and engagement of employees.

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