Importance of utilizing a variety of psychodynamic approaches

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It is somewhat difficult to fully examine and understand this through the use of a single psychodynamic approach. It requires supportive counseling that involves a number of psychodynamic approached to come up with the best therapeutic results (Castonguay, Louis G, and Clara, 2015). The use of as a variety of psychodynamic approaches helps the therapist to find the real root cause of the problem. The use of these approaches provides them with enough knowledge which provides leads to the cause and treatment of the issues (Reiter, Michael D, and Ronald, 2017). Further difficulties can be gotten rid of through the use of the collective knowledge from the different psychodynamic approaches. The approach is primarily applied in the clinical guidance and counseling (Luyten, Patrick, Linda C.

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Mayes, Peter Fonagy, Mary Target, and Sidney, 2017). Freud established that the unconscious thoughts cab be cured by making them conscious. The aim of the approach is to regain the insight and to release those emotions that have been repressed. The approach is grounded in four major assumptions. Mayes, Peter Fonagy, Mary Target, and Sidney, 2017). Individual psychology approach The approach was developed by Alfred Adler. Its treatment process depends on the psychological state of the patient. A psychologically normal or abnormal patient, inferior or superior patient will receive treatment based on their state of psychology. The treatment process under this approach depends on the patient’s individual ability to develop their personality, and to strive for perfection. The individual psychology approach is based on the inferiority or superiority of the patient’s feeling.

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The approach believes that the gal of the thoughts of a person is to fight for superiority. The behaviors of a person works hand in hand with his thoughts to strive for superiority. The human views in this approach also believe in the individual’s power, through psychotherapy treatment, to compensate for their inferiority feeling (Busch, Fredric, Marie Rudden, and Theodore, 2016). How each approach agrees or conflicts with my personal view From my experience and my personal view, I strongly agree with the psychoanalysis argument. Finally, the individual psychology approach cannot be overlooked either. I agree with the approach because of its emphasis on the psychological normality or abnormality approach. Normally, people try to gain aggression as a defense mechanism. Every normal person wishes to feel superior.

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