Independence Rule of the Bone

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d) notes that adolescence rebellion and conflict with adults helps them develop a sense of identity and social fitting in the society. The paper argues that inexperienced youth attain maturity and ability to make better decisions through rebellion as depicted by the main character, Bone. The main character being Chappie “Bone” transforms from living with his family, to live with a friend made of thugs and finally Rose and Banks. Throughout, these transitions Bone is seeking self-independence and the ability to chart his path. This novel is majorly based on gaining independence from other people as well as self-guidance. d) believe that rebellion is necessary to gain independence, self-transformation and personal authority into an adult. However, he acknowledges the degree of resistance varies due to the risk involved.

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Generally, it is claimed that the lack of family or social support made Bone engage in be self-destructive behavior such as drugs and petty crime. Parental apathy and child abuse seem to be some of the central forces that cause a change in champ life. The abusive nature of his father appears to trigger the desire for dissociation and self- independence and freedom. However, the choice of living with thieves and the petty criminals does not help in a positive transformation from his previous life. Despite the move, he realizes that he still depends on Russ to make a decision. It pains the young man that his sister Rose and the cat, were being abused by verbally and physically abused by their step-father.

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The deadbeat mother's selfish act of giving her daughter Rose to Buster Brown a young man as Busta Brown is a known pedophile unlikely sexually abused rose. As predicted by the Vanassche girls in stepfamilies fare worse (139). Bone’s family is separated and displaced due to the poor and abusive parental guidance. This led Bone to his adventure from America to Jamaica, the physical and geographical separation from his suppressors seems to give him a sense of identity and independence. But in real sense the separation from the family leaves voids. More so, the young man takes longer to embrace the idea of education and self-improvement. In Jamaica, there was more weed and drugs than the young had encountered in America.

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This illustrates that benefits of pursuit for independence and autonomy in bettering his life as well as charting a brighter future for himself. It is evident that this self-searching journey helps a young man develop his personality as well as decision-making abilities. Based on the above analysis, it important to ensure that the family and social structure have robust support systems to help guide teenagers achieve maturity and independence in a safe manner. More so, teenager rebellion should be embraced in the society as it helps the youth’s transit into adults in a manner that enhance self-esteem as well as self-awareness. It’s clear from the analytical evaluation that self-determination is more productive that forced decision in life. J. "Disentangling the mental health impact of childhood abuse and neglect.

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