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This became contrary to the local tradition as the first wife or wives were being consulted before the second or third wife was married. This bill was seen as demeaning to the female MPs and made them walk out of the house as they were disgusted with the bill their male counterparts supported in the amendment. Their argument was, the decision to marry another wife could affect the entire family. This will include the financial the status of other wives or spouses. This bill faced opposition from Christian leaders who requested the president not to sign the bill. Nevertheless, according to BBC’s Jowi Frenny in Nairobi, he said that this legislation aspect can bring chaos in families that are polygamous.

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According to the law, a wife has a right to equal share of what the partners have acquired when they were living as couples. In the event of multiple partners, it will be very difficult to be able to determine what can be shared with each spouse in case of divorce or death. Also, there had been a proposal where cohabiting couples should be recognized i. e. On the same, professor Rahmatulleyeva also claimed that resurgence that existed in religious freedom had led to increasing in many cases of polygamy in most Muslim countries. This discussion in the media caused a new outcry on polygamy in countries the issue is trending. On the same note, there was a post that was posted on the face account by one of the women supporters.

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On her post, she said, the illiterate mullahs were making young men to marry more than one wife. "Polygamous Marriages in Java Indonesia and Marriage Law: The Social Psychological Perspective. Today, lifestyle liberals and libertarians see polygamy as a personal choice thing. On the same note, cultural conservatives make use of it as a blood shirt which is seen to wave a debate on marriages that are gay on the land. Witte, Jr. "The American Case against Polygamy. " The Western Case for Monogamy over Polygamy, pp. While the Americans consider someone who is gay as not polygamous, it is said that they have a sort of abstraction. From the database, polygamous communities get married at early ages, have many children, domestic violence is experienced, high HIV rates and other problems "Polygamy: 1400 to 1900: Africa.

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" Cultural Sociology of the Middle East, Asia, & Africa: An Encyclopedia, Legality of polygamy is still a debate and varies across nations in the world. In 58 countries out the 200 from the sovereign states, where most of the citizens are of the Muslim origin. Most of these countries are from Africa as well as Asia. " SSRN Electronic Journal, 2013. Polygamy became a significant political and political issues in the US at around 1958 when the church when the church termed as plural marriage. The opposition to the practice in the government led to a conflict which finally led to the church office to call upon the Christians to abandon the practice. This led to the breakaway of Mormon fundamentalist groups in the land, mostly in the US, Mexico as well as Canada due to plural marriage practice.

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