Mass Shooting in the United States

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As a result, the government has set several rules to govern the people on the possession of firearms. This essay aims at evaluating the major causes of mass shootings in the United States and it will provide some of the solutions to curb mass shootings as well. Bloomberg, M. R. Reducing gun violence in America: Informing policy with evidence and analysis. (Ed. Guns in American society: An encyclopedia of history, politics, culture, and the law (Vol. ABC-CLIO. In this book, the author discusses the general impact that guns have had in America over time. This entails some of the major innocent killings that have occurred in the past and how they could be stopped. R. Gun policy, opinion, tragedy, and blame attribution: The conditional influence of issue frames.

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The Journal of Politics, 63(2), 520-543. The author discusses some of the primary political events and various policies among which is the gun control policy. Despite the fact that little attention was given to the gun policies in the past, the increasing number of mass shootings has called for more strict rules to reduce the shootings. Classically, the main idea in the book is that the more guns are issued to citizens, the lesser the chances of a crime happening. The author then goes ahead to discuss crimes, why people tend to commit crimes and what can be done to stop them. In this section, the book provides a detailed discourse of the crime of mass shootings and what drives people to be involved in it.

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Additionally, the author provides some of the solutions to stop people from involving themselves in the crime of mass shooting. Furthermore, gun control laws are discussed in detail in the book. The book argues that possession of a gun by the people is important for their protection and on the other side, more guns on the streets are likely to lead to more shootings. Classically, the book discusses at length about the gun laws/policies and their impact in curbing mass shootings. Also, it postulates several thoughts about who should own guns and the rules that govern their ownership so that gun violence can be reduced. It's vital to understand that in the case of mass shooters, they have to acquire the firearms first so that they can accomplish their missions.

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Therefore if the strict, effective, and appropriate gun laws that have been postulated in the book can be amended and implemented accordingly, then the possibility of reducing gun violence is relatively high. Typically, the central theme of the book is that the reaction of different people on matters of race and ethnicity is different and this happens to be a significant factor in the mass shootings. The book also tries to validate the fact that mass shootings are directly linked to mental illnesses. In my research, the information in the book will be crucial since it will provide appropriate information regarding some of the major causes of mass shootings in the United States. Also, the book quotes some real-life examples of mass shootings in the United States, and this might be crucial in my research since it will bring a better understanding of the intent of the mass shootings.

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