Integrating Centers to Improve Math Achievement in Special Education Classrooms

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This has affected children ability to learn and acquiring knowledge in the normal classroom environment. This is why Cankton Elementary was established and it has helped a significant number of students to meet their learning objectives. The first activity that I will undertake is engaging children. This will promote learners excitement in the classroom, they will have to behave better and cooperate hence benefit from learning. This strategy will also help to assess children mathematics performance as well as their relationship with each other. It will also be important to guide these children as they do simple mathematics. This will improve their learning experience hence improving their performance. In the entire period of this project, children will be given an opportunity to have an input to their learning ability.

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The best way of doing this is giving them options to do what they like. For instance, when assigning the project I will give them an opportunity to select the topic they want. When engaging these children in mathematical interest, their learning will become easy and fun. The special need teacher will ask or encourage children to count money and making arrangement based on the denominations. In organizing the counting the teacher will prepare two papers tapped together using file loop. Learners will count the pennies in the provided loop and dropping the hundreds into a separate cup. I believe this will improve their learning abilities as well as improving the score. Week 2 (October 21 – October 26) Conducting the pre-collaborative teaching survey, which I will have to ask children how they feel about the new environment.

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Week 3 – Week 8 (October 27 – October 31) Children will be taught using traditional teaching technique. The special education teacher will help in keeping teachers on track. Week 9 (November 1-November 6) The researcher will collect data on the following; The completion of class homework. The test scored for each sampled class. Methods of Assessment The researcher design the questionnaires for teachers to give their opinion on students’ performance and collaborative teaching. There were two major surveys; collaborative and strategy survey. The Surveys Collaborative Teaching Survey The researcher will distribute the collaborative survey before and after the interventions in this project. In these surveys, teachers were asked to give their opinions or views about the collaborative teaching method. The goal was to find out if learners have benefitted from collaborative teaching, based on completing homework on time and test performance.

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Teachers will calculate the average at the end of the week and record the results in report form provided. The first test score will be carried out at the end of week 1 October 15 – October 20, 2018, 2018, and ending in week 16 that is December 15- December 20. The data were compared and the researcher had to determine the changes in learners test score after the implementation of intervention techniques. Historical Descriptions of the Interventions The strategies adopted in the study had one thing in common to improve teacher’s performance in mathematics. The interventions aimed at improving learner’s homework completion, improving the mathematical test score and enhancing learner’s attitude towards collaborative learning strategies. This was helpful to determine how the techniques were helpful in understanding a certain topic.

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