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The development and the success of the practices and other key traditions that are associated with the country are mainly due to the high definitive value that the government places on its people and its local producing companies. Many high-end companies have developed in Canada. Large multinational companies are now operating and working in the country and enjoy large government support in the region as long as they can work towards promoting and upholding the traditional needs, systems and the demands of the government. One of the key multinational companies that are now reaping big from the Canadian market is the company known as the Four Seasons Hotel Limited. This is one of the key companies in the hotel industry in the country.

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This is based on the needs and the demands by the government which encourages its multinational and other key co-operations to work towards promoting the need and the general application of the modern advanced organization structure in running and managing the key business installations that are currently operating within the jurisdiction of the country (Beiner et al. Four Seasons Hotels, Limited in the country has evolved over time. It is the business that has undergone myriad changes in order to fit and ensure that it fully complies with the needs and the demands of the country. The hotel, therefore, has adopted the learner model of management in which the company now allows and creates a better room for the motivation of its employees and creating a more efficient way of managing and dealing with various key issues that affected the business through the learner model.

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The leadership structure in the organization is highly decentralized and the leadership often involves the lower ranking employees in the development and making of all the vital decisions in the business (Klarsfeld & Tatli, 2012). All the employees who are working within the hotel are the members of the trade unions which allow them to have larger bargaining power when there is a need. The encouragement and the role of the trade unions and labor unions in the country is fully bound by the constitution which empowers such settings to be fully responsible and socially active when dealing and when promoting the effectiveness and the workability of the entire labor unions and labor movements in the country. Therefore, all the organizations and other multinational trade unions operating within the country must uphold and ensure that there are total promotion and empowerments of the trade unions, employee unions and other labor-based organization for its employees that are working in the country.

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Human Resource Management The government of Canada has established a human resource management system which allows the country to run and be functionally viable when dealing with human resources. It is important to note that human resource is one of the major components of production in any company and hence it schedules to be fully promoted and tapped to realize great productivity in the business sector. Training of employees, management, remuneration and keeping all the viable records about the employees is a sole job and work of the hotel management. All these must be done in compliance and based on the requirements of the government’s promotion and techniques. Ethics in the Business Environment Ethics is one of the major practices and components that bind how society should run and the general outlook of the society today.

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It is one of the maker practices that has shaped the business environment. Ethics is needed for the general development of all the workplaces in society. Labor laws The labor laws are one of the most important concepts in the development and the success of any organization. Labor laws provide the best way of ensuring that all the employees are given priorities and are treated with respect within the work environment. The Canadian traditions and constitution have provided for labor laws. The labor laws touch on all the developments on the rights of the employees, their responsibilities and also provide for various ways through which the labor investigated wrangles can be mitigated with ease. The Canadian labor laws also help in providing protection in the workplace and also provide how the employees should be treated, their working hours, the minimum wage valuation and also the health and safety developments that should be promoted.

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