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An example of a business that is global is the vehicle industry, most especially General Motors which makes profits across the globe and also is subject to the various impacts that the factors within the business environment hold. Currently, the international business environment is faced with numerous challenges that hold impacts to its growth globally. This form of business that takes places across borders is also termed as globalization. The influences within the technological advances and political influences in the globe are adversely affecting the means by which the global business environment is growing. The United States of America being at the center of the international trade is a major contributor in the impact that businesses on a global scale are experiencing.

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These markets are those that use currencies outside the currency’s country. Thus, these issues on the economic market result to external factors that affect a country’s economy due to the stunted growth in the market. For example, a lot of cash flow in the market forces exchange rates to levels that do not have accuracy reflections of the competitiveness among nations in case of economic policies or diversification of performance. Technological advancements across the international borders have facilitated the means by which people can carry out their activities at ease. Currently, consumers can make product purchases from other countries through their computers, phones and other internet enabled devices. However, people have grown more literate and are well aware of the impacts that a backlash can hold on the economy.

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After the creation of the Bretton Woods in 1944, the United States has been an international leader in the economy order, and as such, President Trump is propelled towards that the continent maintains the order. However, despite the obstacles that might hinder his ambitions, being the world’s most important economic leader, his views and utterances about the economy will create an impact. Therefore, despite the rise of rivalry in economic battles across the world or not, the impacts of the impending issues are expected since the wheels to this direction have already been initiated. With the emerging challenges and benefits of the international business environment, it is expected that the current trend in the American administration will result to negative effects on globalization through the various economic and political factors in play.

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Recently, President Donald Trump signed into effective a project that aims at barring Mexican’s from accessing the country’s resources. The wall that is currently being built around the American Mexican border, according to the president will prevent Mexicans from crossing the border illegally into the country. However, the economic implications of the action in the international business environment are taking form and the ramifications are being felt across the global market. Globalization was accepted in the United States during the 1990s, and in the beginning of the 21st century this attitude changed. The public opinion was skeptical about the international business theme that was created in the previous years. Also, the international business is facing the blame for the income inequality that is experienced in the United States, since the wealth of the 1% in the country is gradually increasing at a huge margin.

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These claims have caused discontent among the citizens; this is because the entrance of international business in the American market had resulted to the production and sale of cheaper goods that held similar qualities as those produced in the country. With such goods and industries, the Midwestern industrial region has claimed to have faced multiple losses, which have resulted in closure of industries leading to unemployment and underemployment as well. The impacts that were felt after the events were the rise of alcoholism, drug abuse and rise in suicides (Pierce and Scott, 2017). These reasons among many other factors were the reasons that led President Trump to conducting business changes aimed at stabilizing the country’s economic structure. References Fougère, M, and Agneta M.

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