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The truth is, the process of internationalizing a company is not an easy feat. A lot has to be invested primarily in terms of finances and time to make sure that a company is ready to go international. With the proper plan and strategy, a company can be adequately prepared to go global all other factors as revenue and size considered. Take for example a company like the Integrated Telecom Company (ITC) based in Saudi Arabia. It was established in 2005 and offers satellite, interconnection services, and broadband services for commercial segments, businesses, and consumers in Saudi Arabia. , 2015, pp. ITC has chosen the Idea of the foreign output which means that if they are to expand a country like Germany, they will have stations for service production in Germany, just like Vodafone does with its service production.

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ITC provides services that mainly uses a network as its backbone. Therefore, availing services to the customers is better and faster provided that you have a reliable system (Romelaer & Beddi, 2015, pp. Another way in which it is well prepared is by being part of a powerful conglomerate, the Mawarid Holding Companies. Therefore, competition in the international market is really at its peak as of now. This competition combined with the rising need for a secure, stable and faster internet and data connectivity means that ITC needs to offer something that most of its competitors do not provide. ITC for the third quarter in a row has been the best in solving customer complains according to statistics and will be deemed better than most of its competitors (Wei et al.

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, 2015, pp. ITC also reframes the market by offering that is secure communication through FTTx and wireless networks, something most of its rivals in the region do not. For the case of ITC here, the product is not entirely new, and thus they are prone to have competition (Le Ha & Barnawi, 2015, pp. Assessing the number of your competitors and how your product that is better and different from theirs is vital. Learning their current market share Is also of great help since you get an opportunity of planning how you can win over a larger share. Examining the competitors will help you prepare your product for the competitive market that you are about to enter. Your market share is thus potentially more significant and secure since you are well equipped.

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When it comes to estimating the market size, you need demographic characteristics of the place, the median annual income per household and lastly the population size. You can use secondary sources such as demographic data collected Census Bureau of the United States. You can also opt for primary data which is data you gather yourself to analyze the market size. Methods of receiving this data include using a random sample of household that match your target market and also using telephone surveys. When it comes to analyzing the competition, you need reliable data from researches and other sources of data for sampling (Behyan, 2014, pp. Chiva, R. , Ghauri, P. , & Alegre, J. Organizational learning, innovation and internationalization: A complex system model.  British Journal of Management, 25(4), 687-705.

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