Is higher education still the best way to improve the quality of ones life

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A person that recently graduated from the university with a degree in nursing but has no interest in working at the hospital will not have the expected quality life. The parents and friends to the graduate may be content that their son will have the best life since he has acquired higher education. According to Gatto, people do not need schools and long learning hours in order to become successful in future. Having quality life by attending higher learning institutions is a tradition people have believed and still do (Gatto pg. The difference between the education acquired in secondary schools and colleges is the learning style and complexity of the information. The teachers barely expose the students to challenging tasks that will help them boost their thinking capacity.

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In his essay, Mantsios explains how teachers explain new concepts to students using a short and shallow explanation. He uses the example of division in mathematics. The teacher explained the concept in less than five minutes (Mantsios pg. He or she was focused on passing the information and not ensuring that the students understood how to use the concept. Instead, secondary school teacher blame the boredom on the rude teenagers who are only focused on passing their exams and leaving school (Gatto, pg. These will help kill the boredom and prepare them to receive the complex information in college. To start organizing your thoughts, you might want to consider the following questions: What social class are your parents in? My parents are in in the middle social class.

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This means that they are a little exposed about the things happening in the education and career world. Being in middle class, they have had to work multiple jobs in order to make ends meet. Their main aim of sending me to a middle class school is to help me achieve a higher status than the one they have. Do you believe you will be able to achieve a higher-class standing than they did? Students will be able to achieve a higher class than that of their parents. Their hard work and never-ending effort motivates them to use all the resources they have to make their life better. They may not be perfect performers at school but the resources within the school and at home help; them understand concepts and put them into good use.

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For instance, students that had problems understanding how to apply the mathematical concepts learnt in class, never gave up since they knew that their future dependend on how well they understand all the concepts and apply them in school and real life. Middle class high schools teach students to be independent in the sense that they provide them with the basic information and give them the chance to explore and conduct further research on every topic. As mentioned by Jean, most middle class high schools focus on giving the right answers in the correct format. This means that students pay attention and ensure that they grab every detail shared by their teachers. While teaching teachers ensures that, students understand everything and learn how to handle the concepts, theories and formulas accordingly.

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Teachers in most middle class schools do that since their focus is usually the performance of the children and the levels of understanding they have. The intelligence a person is born with contributes to their success in the career or business world. For instance, successful people like Rockefeller, Carnegie and Farragut did not attend any high school (Gatto, pg. Their successful careers were influenced by their intellectual abilities. Being employed in any organization requires a person to be social and willing to work under any condition or kind of pressure. After all, the challenges we face make us stronger and motivate us to put more effort in everything we do. If people interact with positive others then their lives will be successful.

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