Is illegal immigration beneficial to the US economy

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That is dated throughout history and still plays a crucial role in the contemporary society. Illegal immigration is indeed a controversial topic and irritates a lot. The emotions are the primary justification for the widespread attention in the press. The large quantity of people as far as immigrants are concerned is the main reason for the impacts on the economy. Most people look at the immigrants regarding their job demands. According to Thomas, it is necessary to embrace immigration as an aspect of fostering economic growth. Moreover, the move makes it possible to use the existing resources at the will of the owners. The improvement in the economy arises due to the hard work ethic which illegal immigrants bring forth. In retrospect, Thomas (par 5) concludes that there is a need to encourage those willing to visit the US, but should do so legally since their contribution to the growth of the economy is tremendous.

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The justification above suggests the fact that immigrants are motivated and will always ensure the hard work ethics to feel accepted. Borjas further posit that illegal immigrants in most instances only fill the positions left by natives seeking higher pay (Borjas 12). That indicates that immigrants do not deny the natives job opportunities, but instead fill the position which is left. Most scholars such as Ngai (17) also posit that illegal immigrants tend to utilize public services more than the tax they pay. However, that is never the case since other categories such as the natives, green card individuals as well as amnesty among others consume a higher percentage. Setbacks of illegal immigrants to the U. The harsh treatments make the illegal immigrants uncomfortable handling their job.

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As a consequence, the illegal immigrants are likely to hurt various government services. The overall benefit is evident since these individuals promote sustainability in embracing the dynamism in various job environments. Ngai further indicates that not everyone benefits from immigration (Ngai 15). Winners, as well as losers, exist in almost every aspect of life. Most illegal immigrants are willing to be part of anything to get an opportunity in the United States. Fencing seems the worst approach of preventing such moves. The tremendous economic pressure held by these immigrants is an aspect which can indeed threaten not only the safety but also the future growth of individuals. Doing nothing is also possible. However, that compromises the U. He believed that Clinton emphasized on cheap labor, open borders as well as amnesty.

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Trump supporters consist of over 87% whites. These individuals are hostile on matters related to immigration since they believe such immigrants are likely to deprive them of their rights. The general public holds a different perception from the same, and normally advocate for unity as far as work is related. Most Trump supporters believed that immigrants are likely to create a problem in the region and promote crime. S economy regarding cheap labor. Even though some illegal immigrants might evade tax, most of them contribute to the same, and that still adds on economic growth. The removal of illegal immigrants from the labor force will indeed affect the GDP. The decrease in GDP is likely to decrease by around 3 percent. Some of the major sectors which are likely to feel the impact of deportation includes the construction, hospitality as well as agriculture.

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