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ISO 14000 ISO 14000 is a series of universal standards associated with environmental preservation. ISO 14000 is a family of standards which is the first one to have the potential of allowing companies around the globe to make any surrounding efforts as well as measuring their performance conforming to whatever was internationally accepted. This set of standards, being the first of the 14000 series, describes the needs and whatever is required that a system for environmental management needs to have. The family of standards (ISO 1400) a spontaneous standard created in Geneva by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Also, ISO 14001 is seemed to be put in practice into “all types of companies and dimensions and to host diverse social, cultural and geographical conditions". There are some differences between the EMAS and the ISO 14001, for example: ISO 14001 (part of ISO 1400) is a standard that can be used around the world, on the other hand, the EMAS is just a regulation where only countries from the European community can participate.

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EMAS usually needs an environmental review before the implementation of the environmental management system. The ISO 14001 only proposes that the recognition of such proceeding is essential for developing an EMS and that the impacts and significant environmental aspects are identified. Environmental statement is required by EMAS to make it publicly available. The environmental statement ought to be externally verified to certify the information reliability. In this regulation, the ISO, establishes in detail the way in which a business should apply the standards in order to improve the quality to whatever products they are making /providing, and they also have to indicate the distribution deadline of the product. Broadly speaking, the ISO 9000 standard aims to: standardize the activity of the staff by documenting their work (in every detail); perform in order to meet the customer’s need; track and measure the all the processes involved at all levels; promoting efficiency to achieve company goals and try to make sure that products improve.

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There are some differences between the ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 includes: ISO 1400 as we know it is a set of universal standards for the environmental conservation system (EMS), on the other hand we have ISO 9000 which are standards for management system (focused on quality). We have to add that ISO 9000 was made before ISO 14000 and was also introduced in Geneva by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The reason why ISO 9000 was created was to assist businesses to meet their customer requirements through systematic control of the production process, at the same time, still looking and developing way for more improvement. As a business owner, I will ask myself what kind of products I am selling and if I want an improvement in the service/products.

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