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The characteristic of Jazz includes functional harmony, rhythm patterns, the practice of improvisation and a prominent meter it focus more on emotions rather than intellectuals. Thus Jazz music is so unique in a way that it focuses more on improvisation where the music can just be composed on the spot without any arrangement to write it. Basically, Jazz music has many styles that come with it. First is Dixieland. This was the earliest style in jazz. Up to date jazz is still relevant, and it is mostly played in clubs. Why Jazz music is special to me is that it is music which is so unpredictable and it is one of its kinds. Jazz people need to get together and play their music more enjoyable, the instrument for playing the music being piano or trumpet.

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Many people enjoyed the music after they have had their busy day of work. The listener and the musicians are thus given the opportunity to get off any problem they had and just and forget any difficulties they have encountered to enjoy what they were hearing. The music teaches those who encounter it the early history of slaves and how the slaves used to get off stress by engaging in the music. Besides, the listeners are also taught how to relieve the stress they have instead of bringing more complications to their life. It draws the life experience and emotions of people as an inspiration of the creative force and thus enables people to share their story. One is taught that they should just listen to the music and forget about all the problems they are going through.

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