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The use of social media, for example, is one of the key ways that people have continued to relate, and also the same people share ideas, information, and any other content. The same has also created the wave of people who are into using the various social media sites to communicate, create an impact in the society and also command a following in the other various social media accounts where they hold accounts or in which they subscribe to as a form of interaction. One of the key persons who has been reacted by the internet and is now one of the world’s celebrity today is Kimberly Kardashian who is often known as Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian is one of the key persons across the world who has fully used the internet for the sole benefit of recreating her image and the following that she now commands on the various social media platforms.

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She is an actress, media personality, businesswoman, socialite and also a model. According to Henry Jerkins, the allocation of technology helps creates and develop how people should react or relate to the technological connectors of communication. The technological concepts in this have recreated how the people should stay and the general way through which it has shaped society. One of the inert strengths that has helped the socialite cum television personality and one of the most followed persons in social media platforms is a good look. Looks are some of the major things that work magic in social media platforms. The beauty of someone is what captures the people and what makes one have a considerable fan base in the social media platforms.

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The various platforms also provide a nature of engagement in society and also the lifestyle that people want to associate themselves with based on their preferred celebrities over the internet (Hur et al. In the present world, there are various social media sites which have molded and created some of the world’s well-known celebrities like Kim Kardashian and other people who are now the social media sensational. The Media Ecology Theoryrecreates, the application of modern forms of technology in communication and the creation of social media, has helped in developing the various media personalities in the world today. The various social media platforms that are chiefly applicable in the world today include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and also other sites such as personal websites, WhatsApp, 2go! among other high-end sites.

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Kim Kardashians commands a huge following in some of the common social media platforms in society today. In this case, the theory acknowledges, that the various forms of modern media are some of the major concepts that have impacted on the way the people life and the general outlook of the society. Television, radios, movies, video games and other technical aspects are the major concepts behind the continuous lead and development of certain aspects of behavior and influence that the people in the society now portrays. The applications of the same concepts provide the most appropriate means of explaining the impacts which have as been created by social media and the creation of the internet sensation across the globe today (Kim 518).

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