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Effective leadership is very strategic and requires the progressive development of various leadership and management skills (Komives, 2016). Based on an assessment of the current leadership skills and abilities and life experience both as an MBA student and worker, the report below discusses my personal leadership experience, an assessment of the areas of leadership that need growth, a competency development plan for improving the various leadership growth areas, and a clear definition of my leadership style based on my leadership skills and competencies. Leadership Experience As a community member, a worker in a local business firm, an MBA student, I have held different leadership positions where I serve specified roles that are meant to ensure positive development of good coordination within the teams and groups that I lead.

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One of the most significant positions that I have held as a leader is the supervisor of a team of workers in a local business company. Supervision comes with many leadership roles according to what I have observed. The coordination role is vital in polishing up my competencies as good coordinator as required of each leader. In the future, I would like to hold the leadership role of a business manager. The role comes with major responsibilities the most important being planning, organizing and implementing, monitoring, and evaluating corporate functions and operations. To reach this goal, I plan to ensure that each opportunity that I have turns to be an opportunity through which I can polish up my leadership competencies and develop what it takes to be the best manager of a business firm that competes strongly in the global market.

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Leadership Style Based on the assessment of my leadership skills and behaviors, I consider myself a leader that greatly utilizes the democratic leadership style. In many of my operations as an employee and student, I always consider consulting and involving my subordinates, peers, and superiors in making important decisions and handling important tasks. My leadership assessment clearly indicates that I enable others to act more frequently. Enabling other people to work is based on ensuring the participation of others in making important decisions and delivering quality and consistent results. The participative leadership style is very effective in creating a sense of responsibility in other people and encouraging their heart and body in producing positive results in every task. The leadership behavior assessment as well shows that I frequently offer others choice and freedom and also supports the decisions that other people make.

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Diversity comes with numerous development opportunities for organizations. After interaction with workers from diverse world regions, I consider the capability of valuing diversity and differences as moderate as I lack what it takes to understand the strengths and weaknesses of different people and using the information as an opportunity for personal and corporate development. On many occasions, I have met different diverse workers with different improved capabilities but have not been successful in influencing the workers in participating in improving my leadership and working skills and those of others within the organization. Valuing diversity is important for leaders because it acts as a lens through which talent can be identified, developed, and advanced for professional development of workers and productivity improvement (Chiang & Joyce, 2015).

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Change Management Change management as an important leadership competency is a skill and knowledge of identifying performance improving initiatives and projects, exploiting various new opportunities to resolve major issues, and managing a transitional change process for the advantage of various participants and the organization in broad (Kuipers et al. • Change Management Goal: I would like to use my change creation and administration expertise to implement changes that make my department the best performing team in the organization by the third quarter. • Vision and Goal Setting Goal: I would like to use goal and vision setting skills to establish team productivity goals that will be achieved within the next 3 months. Implementable Actions • Valuing Difference and Diversity Goal: I will commit myself to boosting my cultural competency by educating myself about different cultures and their approach to work and actively interacting with people from different cultures to get new ideas and perspectives and embrace working with culturally diverse people to promote information sharing and mutual understanding.

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• Change Management Goal: I will take the actions of assessing the various factors that limit the productivity of my team workers, call for meetings where suggestions on looking into the issues will be discussed, and directly participate in implementing change that improves the productivity of the team. I will be directly involved in fostering coordination in the implementation of the change and assessing the impact of the change. The leadership assessment conducted make it apparent that among the leadership styles that I utilize are democratic style, participative style, and the empowerment style. Among the three management or leadership competencies that I need to improve to perfect my leadership skills are valuing diversity and differences, change management, and vision and goal setting.

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