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It is the role of the leader to create a favorable environment for workers to collaborate and perform with minimal hurdles. Creating Cohesiveness and Collaboration Basically, the concept of collaboration is aimed to ensure that every individual offers or contributes to the goals of the team. In this way, the team cohesively works together to ensure that the organization performs positively. In order to achieve cohesiveness and collaboration among the team, the leader must create an environment where everyone feels they are respected and valued. This requires numerous key strategies that must be implemented within the organization. It is essential to encourage interactions between the team members and ensure that people can exchange ideas concerning the project. This includes organizing outside meeting that ensures every member bonds with other individuals.

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Finally, the leader must offer incentives to celebrate milestones and offer rewards whenever the team achieves something (Newlands, 2015). When the team collaborates and works cohesively, there is increased flexibility within the organization as consumer needs change. This is because the employees will be engaged with every happening in the organization. Moreover, due to the complexities of healthcare environments, the leader inspires the team and energizes the subordinates based on their abilities. There is intellectual stimulation that allows people to challenge the perspective of the status quo while addressing severe problems within the organization. Moreover, the style is more concerned with individual contributions as well as the personal needs of the people (Gabel, 2013). Conclusion The role of leadership is essential because it ensures the company achieves its objectives while making the team feel proud of their work.

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