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Nevertheless, the manner in which bio politics is supported is not true. The claim that biology is related to belief lacks substantial evidence and is full of bias. The primary argument of the article is to show explain the differences that exist between conservatives and liberals through looking at their biological differences. One research that the article heavily cites is that of Hibbing and members of his lab. In the quest of distinguishing whether people were conservative or liberal, Hibbing et al. The line of reasoning that termed people as conservative or liberal limits the option to only two while in reality there are many options to choose from. There are not only two options when determining if a person is conservative or liberal.

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In sourcing this book to show the relation between biology and politics, it quite apparent that the article fell to false dilemma fallacy by not using information where the attributes given to the group ‘conservative’ and ‘liberal’ was not well defined. The article also gives a picture that conservatives do not fit well into society and are social misfits of some kind as they are afraid to venture into something new and accept new people. This is shown by one of the studies where they found out that liberals are more easygoing and are not as stressed as conservative. The conservatives also displayed a better positive outlook and this was in reference to self-worth and optimism. Third, the conservatives displayed a generalized belief of fairness.

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