Legalization Of Same Sex Marriage In Australia

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This participation is important in that it influences policy-making activities that steer the government towards meeting the needs of the community. Additionally, civic participation creates a sense of cohesiveness among community members (Armstrong, 4). In particular, political involvement, advocacy and education, direct service and philanthropic giving are the different forms that contributed to the legislation of same-sex marriages in Australia through the influence of the dimensions of civic participation namely skill, efficiency, knowledge, commitment and value as the paper shall discuss. Political Involvement Political involvement, particularly voting in Australia contributed to the legislation of same-sex marriage in Australia. Political involvement refers to the participation of citizens in government processes such as campaigns and voting. The three scenarios mentioned show that civic participation in terms of voting made contributions to the changes mainly because the population understood the value of civic participation, they were committed to acting on the issue that had so much weight, they embodied efficiency, they had the knowledge that they ought to participate in the voting and finally, they knew how to carry out the survey/voting tasks.

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All these ultimately showed their preferences, values, and beliefs, which in turn made differences in the respective geographical areas in form of legislation. Advocacy And Education Advocacy and education in Australia also contributed to the legislation of same-sex marriages. Advocacy and education refer to the use of different modes of persuasion to influence the decision by parliament on issues that affect or will be beneficial to the community. A study by Glaesar et al asserted that education and democracy seem to be high in correlation across countries by raising the benefits of civic engagement (Glaeser, 77). In particular, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was a huge advocator for same-sex marriages in Australia. His advocacy was shown in different ways, which included his pleas to both opposers and proposers of same-sex marriages to remain respectful during their campaigns (Norman).

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He also addressed people during the yes campaign launch by asserting that the change and legalization of same-sex marriages had already happened in many countries around the world, so it was high time it occurred in Australia as well. His actions showed his efficacy was present because he not only understood that his advocacy for the legislation of same-sex marriage would make a difference but that his advocacy for peace and civility between the opposing camps would also make a difference. In a different light, the opposers of same-sex marriage in Australia participated through direct service also, so as to try to influence the no vote on the legislation. Therefore it is possible for individuals and organizations reflect their skill and their responsibility in monetary form.

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Conclusion In conclusion, civic participation leads to change through the 5 dimensions of civic participation which are: knowledge which is the ability to identify the responsibilities that one ought to carry and why they ought to fulfill them, skill which refers to a person’s awareness of how to carry out tasks or activities that will make a difference, commitment which refers to an individual’s willingness to act on issues, value which refers to a person's own sense of responsibility and their own drive to do certain things, and finally efficacy which refers to the acknowledgment by an individual that they have the ability to make a difference. In particular, civic participation contributed to the legislation of same-sex marriages in Australia through political involvement that had approximately 61% in Australia supporting the passing of the legislation, while voting led to Proposition 8 in California which banned the legalization of same-sex marriages in California.

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