Liberal Approach to International Relations

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According to the liberal international relations theory, each individual state is after the fulfillment of its states preferences when joining international politics and therefore the end becomes more important than the means. The foundation of liberalism in international relations is the focus on the state preference generated by the varied social backgrounds (Baylis, 2017). Simply put Liberalism can be defined as a philosophy in use in international relations that lobbies for the treatment of liberty as a basic value in global politics (Doyle, 2011). The liberal approach has been in use since time immemorial and concerns have been raised about its relevance in international relations today. This paper seeks to explore the relevance of the liberal approach today and the major tenets of the approach.

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The same case is seen in the world today as different countries outdo each other to come up with the best military technologies to use in case they are attacked. The best approach to the impending nuclear attacks upon different countries each with its individual pursuit of gain is the use of the liberal approach which seeks to democratize this countries (Baylis, 2017). States and countries such as The United States, China, Iraq, Russia and France to mention but a few are among the countries whose participation in international relations would translate to a major gain to each one of them. However the constant use of military power and skepticism among them may lead to a failure in achieving the full potential of their coalition.

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Therefore the application of democracy would mean that each of them the players in international relations will have another more effective form of remediation which involves peaceful negotiations in order to solve disputes. In the contemporary world each state is out there to benefit from different alliances they forge. Liberalism allows them to gain from different international relations and at the same time maintain their individual sovereignty. Liberalism gives individuals the liberty to reach their full potential by providing each one of them with equal opportunities. Liberalism puts aside the world politics and the role a state plays in it but rather gives each individual country the same legal and political equality. Liberalism makes it possible for nations to achieve the benefits they seek in a liberal environment without using force or military power (Doyle, 2011).

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However the issue of conflict and different nations viewing themselves as superpowers and holding high ranks in the world politics can come in the way of that realization. Therefore it is important that the military powers are set aside and the individual liberty and sovereignty are acknowledged in order to ensure there is equality when carrying out transaction. The world of international relations needs to apply this theory that dates back and apply it in its daily activities as allows for the practice of transparency and mutual respect among countries. It provides different alternatives to how things should be done peacefully thus completely destroying the idea of warfare, military intrusions and nuclear weapons which goes ahead to make the world a more peaceful place.

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