Link Between Successful Achieving an Organization's Corporate or Strategic Plan and the Human Resource Strategy and Development

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Furthermore, it will review the challenges facing an organization which prompted the development of HR strategy. Lastly, it will look at the possible achievements of a successful HR strategy. How HR strategy is embedded in strategic plans Nestlé integrates its HR strategy to its corporate plan by governing their HR policies through its Corporate Business Principles and Code of Conducts (Analoui. Nestlé aims to understand and serve the consumer's needs and achieves this through research. The fact that it has the most extensive research and development network in the foods and beverages industry shows that it is committed to attracting and retaining the best people to aid them in research. Moreover, the staffs are usually trained extensively and thus use the skills acquired to improve on innovations in the workplace (Nishioka et al.

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Lastly, right HR strategies help Nestlé to increase its efficiency because it uses fewer resources in training of its staff as it can retain most of their employees. Furthermore, these staffs help increase manufacturing capabilities as they already possess the skills required to carry out their specific jobs. Moreover, the code of conduct governs the teams, therefore, know how to carry themselves in and out of the workplace thus acting as brand ambassadors (Catley et al. Achieving HR priority One of the HR priorities is to support diversity in the workplace. Nestlé also prides itself on finding the right talent for its organization. The organization carries out a rigorous recruitment procedure and only recruits the applicants that best fit in the vacant roles.

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Furthermore, it trains and develops its employees through various programs to sharpen their skills. Nestlé invests in leadership, professional and commercial training annually (Kuznin et al. Moreover, the organization recognizes and rewards its employees through its GreatNes program that rewards top performing employees creating a positive workplace thus increasing productivity. The creation of a professional and warm organizational culture aids as it creates a suitable work environment thus persuading employees to stay within Nestlé rather than going to work for other organizations (Haski-Leventhal. Lastly, healthcare prompted Nestlé to develop a wellness program in its HR strategy to address the wellbeing of its employees. Under the HR initiatives of Nestlé, the organization realized that as it aspires to be the world's leading Nutrition Health and Wellness organization and it cannot achieve this without putting its employees’ health first.

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It came up with the WellNess program that supports its physical staff conditions to improve their health in the long term. Key HR related achievements In my view, if Nestlé can improve its HR policy, it can achieve most of its strategic plans. Nestlé is an organization that considers this aspect and has integrated it into its strategic plans and goals. It embeds its HR plans into the organizational goals by governing both in the Corporate Business Principles and Code of Conducts making sure that the strategic goals and HR and workforce development are connected and embedded in each other as one cannot happen without the other (Lopez et al. Furthermore, embedding the HR plan to the strategic goals help staff have a common agenda of attaining the organizational goals while increasing Nestlé’s efficiency by retaining its key personnel.

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Nestlé can also achieve its HR priority by supporting diversity in the workplace, developing leaders and finding the right talent for recruitment. The contemporary HR challenges that necessitated the development of HR plans include; recruitment difficulties, retaining staff and employees healthcare. The integration of human resource management and corporate strategy. In Policy and practice in European human resource management (pp. Routledge. Brown, D. , & Bourke, J. C. STRATEGIC HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT.  JOURNAL OF ADMINISTRATION, 1(2). Haski-Leventhal, D.  Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility: Tools and Theories for Responsible Management. In DIEM: Dubrovnik International Economic Meeting (Vol. 3, No. 1, pp. Sveučilište u Dubrovniku. López, B. , Uenishi, K. , & Kaga, A. (2017, July). Competitive Advantages through CSV: Quantative Analysis of CSV-promoting Companies. In Advanced Applied Informatics (IIAI-AAI), 2017 6th IIAI International Congress on (pp.

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