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These skills have prepared me to enter into the employment market, and I believe that by the time I graduate, I will be a viable candidate for employment by any modern company. Further, I think that an MAA degree is particularly an important match for my entrepreneurial spirit, as it would allow me the freedom to choose various business and career options and opportunities that I might wish to pursue in the future. In the MAA course, there are various leadership and administration skills that are conferred upon the learners; and these allow one to practice in a number of fields. These primarily include healthcare administration, teaching, engineering as well as in the corporate world. Additional training may, however, be required before one joins certain fields.

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When one pursues higher education in any given field, they get to have a better comprehension of the dynamics in the particular field they are pursuing. This way, they are able to adapt to and change the world that they live in. There are ongoing debates and discussions on whether it is only education that confers upon individuals various forms of knowledge. However, the overall consensus borders on such ideals as education being an abstract concept that has no ideal definition; and that knowledge that consists the concept of education can be gathered from one’s environment and the experiences that they have. However, I am of the opinion that what is learnt and gained from the environment and experiences are various forms of information; and that there is need for some form of education to convert these into useful knowledge that can help one shape their life.

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