Machiavelli The Prince Analysis

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In the book, Machiavelli puts out his thoughts on how he believes a Prince should regulate his kingdom. Machiavelli distinguishes between the Principalities, people ruled by a prince and the Republics who are not ruled by anyone but he focuses on the lands ruled by a prince. He discusses power over other people, dictatorship power and shared power in his book as he examines the nature of power. His book, The Prince, it is divided into several chapters and some of the chapters include few sentences where he explains in detail about the different forms of governance. In the start of his book, he describes the several forms of principalities such as power obtained through conquest and power handed down through one's heredity.

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He repeats and retells about effective leadership in his book in different forms. Machiavelli uses a topical device in most cases all through his book as he describes the contradictions and the apparent issues that a Prince is likely to face in his acquirement and maintenance of being a ruler. The divisions in his book come up clearly in the middle of the book and at the end after he explains the different forms of principalities. In his book, he suggests that there are various forms of principalities that need different approaches for leadership to be successful. For some certain situations, a new Prince must take importance of understanding the formed rules and norms in a society instead of implementing new rules and norms.

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