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The managers carry a load of a company’s success because they are in charge of putting a company’s strategies and into action and if they have poor relationships with their junior the implementation of the strategies and goals will be difficult. Managers interact with a large group of people, and they need to have a good working relationship of understanding with their juniors as well as their seniors. Building such relationships can lead to the disregard of working code of ethics. Ethics are very vital to the success of a managers work. Managers ought to know, understand and maintain their ethical standards if they want to be useful in what the work they do. Some managers do not have any ethical behavior.

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They disregard all codes of ethics as they perform their work (Grossmann, 2009, 18). Some managers do not look at the consequences of their actions, and they look and focus on the legitimacy of an issue (Grossmann, 2009, 18). Some manager’s look at the advantages they get from being ethical and their actions are based on the benefits they will receive if they are ethical about issues in the workplace (Grossmann, 2009, 18). Some managers are right in their position as they adhere to ethical practices in the workplace. A manager should be democratic especially when making decisions that affect all workers within the institution or department they work with (Grossmann, 2016, 17). The manager should always show self-confidence as the leader of a group. If the manager seems faint-hearted, this can lead to fellow workers being fearful of implementing their work (Grossmann, 2016, 18).

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The manager interacts with co-workers and should be very interested and help in the development of their personalities (Grossmann, 2016, 18). This will help in the development of the worker's creativity and efficiency at the workplace. The manager may experience some forms of corruption offers from customers to get favors or cheaper deals but a manager ought to be incorruptible and uphold the code of ethics (Grossmann, 2016, 18). Savitsky Satin Bacon & Bucci is a boutique based in Hollywood that dresses athletes and digital media staff. It is one of the highest rated boutiques due to the good relationship the mangers have with their customer’s. They are transparent in their working and share the proper information with the clients. In general, a manager ought to enforce the following ethical behaviors: a manager should be fair and conscious, have fair treatment to employees, communicate in clear and honest manner, follow office policies, be transparent in their work and give constructive feedback concerning fellow workmates (El Passo Community College, 2017, 8) Following the right code of ethics has significant benefits to the manager and workplace.

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Loyalty is very vital for the success of projects and growth of an organization. Having a manager who follows the ethical strategies and rules leads to the development of a conducive working environment (El Passo Community College, 2017, 9). Employees need to have a desirable work environment to be effective and produce quality work. If employees are effective in their work, their manager will be seen as a good and effective leader. Following the code of ethics by a manager will lead to producing of timely results when working (El Passo Community College, 2017, 9). Safaricom is a networks company that has recorder great profit growth due to proper management led by good working relationships. The mangers within the organization maintain good working relations with fellow employees through following the set code of ethics within the organization.

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