Marijuana Legalization

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Many use marijuana for recreation purposes while others use the plant for medicinal purposes. In most states either use of marijuana is forbidden because there are measures that are put in place against certain substances and marijuana is included. It is true that illegal substances should be regulated and decriminalized but marijuana holds a huge importance to be in that category. Majority of Americans agree that marijuana should be legalized. For instance, study that was conducted by 1Pew Research Center, they found out that 52% of Americans agree that marijuana should be legalized. It has been a problem that has led to advocating for the legalization of marijuana in U. S. A and other countries because instead of people following the law, they are transforming into criminals by outlawing the prohibition law.

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Currently, in America, millions of citizens can be considered criminals because they smoke and enjoy marijuana except the states that have legalized marijuana. Criminal elements associated with marijuana have spread largely in the American society. For instance, in 5Maryland Senate Bill 1039 states that under certain exceptions, individuals with at least 21 years in the state may use cannabis under state law, may also possess up to one ounces of cannabis, share and cultivate up to 6 ounces of cannabis as long as the amendment does not allow or prohibit certain policies of employment, authorize some driving conduct or even change certain laws that are existing, with a certain exception. On aspects of social work practices, legalization of marijuana will be of benefits. Many states in the U.

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S are retaining incarcerations as an element that can be used in the maximum prisons towards those found in possession of marijuana which is clearly evident that jail is becoming a rare penalty. It has been reported that from 1993 onwards, arrests on marijuana possessions has increased drastically in New York City and this arrestee only face one day in jail with pending arraignment. Economic benefits Economically, legalization of marijuana has both the short-term and long-term goals or outcomes that it wants to achieve. First, it will help in undercutting the illegal black market of marijuana, corruption as well as violence associated activities. The possible outcome from this will be the possibility of easily controlling youth access to cannabis also the production of it will be of high quality compared to the black market ones.

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Legalizing marijuana will also help in eliminating arrests which will, in turn, reduce government costs as well as individual’s arrests costs. This will in a great way help in improvement of police-community relationships as well as give police more time to deal with more violent crimes7. Also, legalization has many opportunities and advantages ranging from the creation of job opportunities, increase in government tax, as well as a reduction in crime rates. Conclusion There are many reasons why marijuana should be legalized and the good reasons are outweighing the negative reasons. The benefits that marijuana has to human health in general are outweighing the risks and with science and research these risks can be reduced. Traffickers of marijuana will be reduced and business opportunities will arise to those willing to grow and sell marijuana.

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