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Marketing, therefore, involves coming up with ways and tactics that promote the brand of a certain product in the market. These set of actions are facilitated by proper communication organized by the owner of the product targeting a specific group of people who may be interested in the product (Sisodia et al. Key concepts used marketing • Product life cycle Involves stages through which a product goes through from when it is introduced to when it is withdrawn in the market. This cycle describes the life of a certain product. According to the theory, a product undergoes four stages which include; introduction, growth, maturity, and decline. The potential product involves dealing with needs that may arise in future to suit customers need (Dibb et al.

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• Value-based pricing concept This strategy sets the price of the product based on its value regardless of other factors like the historical factors of the product. If the concept is successful, the firm owning the product is likely to generate more profit despite the decrease in sales volume. • Strategic window concept This concept involves the period through which anticipating and quickly responding to the changes that appear in the market. A strategic window will rest on the position that there is limited time within which such needs may arise (Dibb et al. Many companies attract the attention of customers by giving away some of their items for free to simply increase or motivate them to continue buying their product. This theory is therefore very essential because it quickly attracts the attention of customers since it is not easy to assume a valuable good that is given for free in the market.

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Whenever this theory is used in marketing customers feel special with the content. For instance, offering the product on a free trial even if it's on a limited basis will make your customers feel very much appreciated. As far marketing is concerned giving away items of some of your products for free is the best way to build your client's loyalty in business. On the other hand, Film production is still part media production which involves making a film. One cannot talk about media without having to mention the internet, radios, magazines, television, and newspaper. The role of media is to pass information intended for a specific purpose. This can be sociopolitical or economic such as advertising products through the media networks (Scolari,2009) Key concepts Coming up with a quality film involve planning and implementing a program me that involves some stages.

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In the first stage which is the development stage, the producer comes up with a story and identifies a certain theme or the main message that they want to pass. This happens when different locations are required (Scolari, C. A. During the post-production process, the film is joined together and edited by the film editor who is part of the crew in the production process. Finally, sounds are mixed, married to the pictures, and the film is made complete. Once the film is complete plans are made on how to distribute. • Symbolic interactionism This theory argues that one's judgment is derived from their interactions with the surrounding. According to the theory, the way you act towards someone is largely dependent on the meaning that you have towards them.

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