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Our schools and churches are not safe anymore, they are among places being targeted by the mass shooters. Implementation of the program will reduce avoidable deaths from taking place in our society. The program will analyze the circumstances under which mass shootings occur and predict future scenarios. Effective prevention of mass shooting requires adequate understanding of the causes and motives. Studying previous incidents of mass shooting will shed light on various reasons for the occurrence of mass shootings and thus help set policies that will prevent this in the future. It should be noted that the overall goal is to prevent casualties. Mass shootings consist of multiple factors. It is unfortunate that the matter has become highly politicized, diluting its core issues due to oversimplification thus making it hard to arrive at affirmative solutions.

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Therefore, the main consideration to be made and the most important step is to concentrate on preventing self-harm using a firearm as a stepping stone in order to prevent gun violence (Baumann and Teasdale, 2018). To prevent a mass shooting, we must understand the various motives behind mass shooting since a combination of multiple judgments saliently influences every mass shooting (Tudisco, 2016). It also aims at arresting the offenders before they hurt anyone, not even themselves. However, to ensure the program works, we must first determine the causes of a mass shooting. Causes of mass shooting are explained below: Mental illness: In most cases of mass shooting, there is a strong indication of the shooter suffering from a psychological or psychiatric condition. The victims of these conditions tend to experience suicidal ideations.

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This feeling leads them through paths that result into public crisis. The availability and within reach access of guns at homes and workplace due to the relaxed background checking and gun control legislations contribute to the access of firearms illegally. Possessing a firearm tempts some of this individuals, more so those with unstable mental conditions, to go for a shooting sprees. Militia and violent cults: some of the most significant acts of mass shootings are due to militia acts and activities of violent cults. Research shows that presence of a radical ideology among members of a cult may lead to an act of mass shooting that is justifiable to them by their religion as an act of mercy or heroism (Klarevas, 2016).

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The penetration of international terrorism groups through internets and using other platforms such as ISIS use of mosque should be well addressed. Promoting initiatives to counter hostile learning environment such as bullying can help bring more inclusivity and diversity. More so, improving channels of communication such as alert system for reporting of suspicious activities enhances situation crime prevention. Deemphasizing cultural activities that lead to violence: this will limit radical activities that may result in actions of violence such as mass shooting. Scholar's network technology recommends condemning activities that glorify violence (Link, 1992). Additionally, these are most effective when it is taught in schools. Additionally, laws that ensure the military types of weapons are only sold to military personnel should be enforced to ensure these high caliber rifles are not sold to wrong people.

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Studies conducted by Lott (2010), says that demanding purchase permits from local law enforcement agencies makes it harder for “bad guys” to buy guns. Controlling media content: By controlling the type of information that people are exposed to, we limit the motivation of mass shooting acts. Poor media coverage and political pundits on the gun themed critical issues in the community has been unhelpful (Kleck, 2009). Speculations present in social media platforms often influence acts of violence. This funds should cover payment of the staff, acquisition, and installation of the necessary equipment and also pay for monitoring services. This prompts creation of a budget. The program will be monitored on a 24/7 basis to ensure that any incidence of a mass shooting is stopped at any time.

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Program monitoring personnel will be paid on hourly basis and receive commendation for excellence performance. Support and day-to-day management: this entails the team that will be in charge of interpreting the feedback from the program. Moreover. State and federal backing through availing resources to reinforce security operations, creates awareness and need for mental wellness. The conclusion of the overall feasibility. Based on the test, the program provides accurate information. However, the cost required for program implementation countrywide is very high. References *Baumann, M. L. , and Teasdale, B. Severe mental illness and firearm access: Is violence really the danger? International Journal of Law and Psychiatry,56, 44-49. doi:10. American Sociological Review,275–292. Lott, J. R. More guns, less crime: Understanding crime and gun-control laws.

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