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Additionally, the cleanliness of a company’s premises is an integral part of the impression that an organization or firm leaves with customers and guests. Whenever customers and guests get a good impression they develop relationships with the company and eventually lead to creation of repeat businesses and referrals. Master-Broom (MB) Company in guaranteeing healthy and welcoming environments has diversified its cleaning services to include cleaning of floors, windows, walls and all items that are found within residential and commercial places. Put differently, the janitorial services offered by Master-Broom Company are highly flexible and cater to the needs of clients’ businesses. Besides offering cleaning services Master-Broom Company also specializes in the supply and branding of cleaning products, offering cleaning consultancy services, and the manufacture of certain cleaning products. These Master-Broom competitors do have weaknesses too, for instance, considering their nature of operations they lack the opportunity to deliver customized experiences to individual customers.

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On the hand, there struggle to provide customized experience for individual customers is a strength for Master-Broom company since with its nature of operations, customers can raise their complaints and the management acts on them expeditiously. Branding, pricing and distribution strategies At Master-Broom Company branding is beyond the name, logo and mantra or slogan but rather the extent of satisfaction or experience that clients and prospects have from the use of our products and services. Master-Broom company represents affordable, competitive and environment friendly cleaning services and products. Affordability, is contextualized to mean that customers get the highest rewards from the use of their money ensuring that they do not regret any opportunity cost they may have incurred. The Master-Broom Company logo’s fonts are modern and simple with clean lines as well.

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The shapes on the logo give definition to the company’s brand and most importantly make it remain different and stand out from those of our peers and rival companies. In ensuring that the Master-Broom Company brand satisfies customer needs, management has undertaken to leverage on the creation of customer-persona. This is simply a visual and mental representation of the individuals or corporates who have the highest probability of using a company’s services or products (Narasimhan, K). The customer-persona tool has incorporated details on the demographic information that depicts customers’ ages, where they are located, their earnings or profits among other factors. Concisely, customer pricing is guided by the kind of order or request that the customer is making. These pricing strategies help to discourage regular buying habits and patterns.

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Master-Broom Company in a bid to push its cleaning products into the market has adopted the pricing for Market penetration strategy. This is a tact that attracts buyers through the use of lower prices on both goods and services. This technique serves to divert attention from the competing services and products. Alive to this disturbing facts, the company has sought to be different even from its closest competitor. The company’s differentiation strategy lies in the company’s employees. Master-Broom’ employees are properly and professionally trained hence the staff strictly follows all the cleaning and safety requirements making it possible to clean even high risk places like medical facilities. The company also observes the cleaning standards making it possible for our clients to satisfy any inspection criteria. Moreover, the company ensures that if the staff is to tender services to, for instance, medical facilities all the staff get hepatitis B immunizations prior to getting into the medical facility.

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However, this can as well be achieved by way of ensuring that we lead the industry by posting the highest profits compared to industry peers or competitors. This is achievable through embracing technology, prioritizing green cleaning, and offering training to the staff and ensuring that effective cost controls are in place. In today’s world marketing by just the word of mouth is not enough. There exists increased importance to adopt to ways that are effective yet cost friendly. These methods are centered on the internet and social media precisely. The Psychic Distance Postulate Revised: From Market Selection To Speed Of Market Penetration". Journal Of International Entrepreneurship, vol 3, no. pp. Springer Nature, doi:10. s10843-005-4203-6. Springer Nature, doi:10. rpm. Markarian, Garen, and Juan Santalo´. Product Market Competition, Information And Earnings Management".

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Journal Of Business Finance & Accounting, vol 41, no. x. Narasimhan, K. Quality: From Customer Needs To Customer Satisfaction, 3Rd Edition20111b. Bergman And B. Klefsjo.

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