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However, some of the MRP are conducted through the hand. There are three goals or objective that an MRP usually intends to accomplish. The objectives are as follows: ensuring there is available material for the product and production and therefore readily can be delivered to the customers (Sukkerd, and Wuttipornpun, 2017). Next, the firm should maintain the lowest cost possible level for product and materials, and finally planning of the manufacturing activities, delivering the schedules and the procurement of the activities. Material requirement planning (MRP) is the most vital part of the supply chain. For such achievement, Mr. Ahmad had operational setbacks and challenges to about the material requirement planning (Baker, 2018). The biggest questions that disturb the vice president was the technique through which the company could remain as the sustainable leader of the aluminum market and be able to expand in the long run across the geographical market (Jacobs, Chase, and Lummus, 2014).

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  The Dubai Aluminum (DUBAL), and the Emirates Aluminium (EMAL) were both initial manufacturers of the aluminum of very high quality. After the two companies merged in 2013, they became known as the Emirate Global Aluminium. The EGA has a successful supply chain that their products goes through to increase their success in the industry. The material requirement and planning principle demands that EGA should have strong supply base. EGA has been using unique strategy for their material requirement, that is through gathering supplies and selection of the suppliers by the supplier material quality, the supplier quality is determined through their product and the efficiency of delivery, which is within the stipulated period. The history of the suppliers, and the attempt of the suppliers to improve their activities in the future (Jacobs, Chase, and Lummus, 2014).

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  EGA has been working to ensure that it improves and develops its supply chain for the maintenance of efficient operations at an affordable cost. Every year Emirate Global Aluminium is aiming at being the leading supplier of aluminum across the globe through the use of advanced technologies and innovations. For instance, the EGA has been able to develop the DX technology which has transformed their activities effectively. Since the technology has enabled the firm to minimize their reduction cells which results in the potential productivity increase and reduction in emission that are caused by the operation of the smelter. The technology has enabled the EGA to customize and meeting the need of their customers through forecasting. The EGA is also using the partnership of their leading firms like EMAL and DUBAL through their continuous improvement of technology, the EGA has been able to enhance, modify, and even transform their strategy for operations for high sustainability (Ptak, and Schragenheim, 2016).

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The team which is composed of the marketing engineers and designers, therefore, identify the needs that have been stated and therefore involved in the creation of the target specifications. Analyzing the competitive products: the competitors are thoroughly analyzed regarding their products and the regions within which they are operating. Like China, Russia, South Africa where the key EGA competitors are located (Ptak, and Schragenheim, 2016).  That is done so that the company can understand the competitive advantage those firms have over the EGA and how EGA can effectively source for the materials requirement and production planning to outcompete the competitors. Product concept generations; EGA has to develop some of the product concepts so that they can meet the material requirement specification for the clients.

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In this phase, they define the assembly schemes for the system production. The third phase is about the detail design; that requires that basic engineering to be conducted as well as the finishing touches. The prototype after the drawing is released having similar design and material as the original. However, it is downscaled as it is still a sample (Jacobs, Chase, and Lummus, 2014).   Results The notable achievement from the above processes is that the EGA Company can produce the product that meets the customer material requirement specification such as the product lifespan, at the lowest possible cost to the company that ensures that the company can generate profits (Sukkerd, and Wuttipornpun, 2017). A Guide on the Mining Industry in UAE.  Ct. Uncourt, 5, 17.

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