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My performance in mathematics and ability to do calculations directly relies on my feelings. This feeling prevails on one’s ability to do calculations either negatively or positively. For one to have a good performance on this particular subject, he or she must have a positive attitude towards it. Otherwise, he or she might lack the ability to work out the calculations. A negative feeling towards mathematics is a very serious issue. This technique can be applied in diverse institutions to resolve the challenge of negative attitude towards mathematics to the students. The first strategy is to reveal a gap in student understanding which motivates them to learn more and more. This is done by the instructor to present simple and easy exercises.

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It involves same situation then followed by those involving situations that are unfamiliar. Doing this repeatedly makes the motivation more effective. [1+10=11] [11x5=55]. The teacher should help the student in identifying and discover more patterns hence making mathematics more interesting hence motivating them further. The next strategy of motivation is presenting a challenge in accordance with student level of study. The teacher should find questions in the topics that he or she has taught but sets them in a different way. Another strategy is by emphasizing the importance of the topic that you are about to introduce. All these strategies if well applied may greatly help to eliminate the negative feeling and install positive attitude in the student mind. There is a significant reason behind all nurses getting familiar with various ways to prevent or minimize the occurrence of medication errors.

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The main reason is to protect the lives of the patient since medication errors can lead to deaths. Nurses should be aware of these strategies. There are various strategies that I usually prefer most. Some of the institutions use name alerts to prevent medical confusion for patients with similar names. Nurses may confuse name like Johnston with Johnson and name alerts which are posted in the front of MAR can help to prevent errors on medication. The other vital strategy that can be applied to hinder medication errors is ensuring that the nurse has documented everything. Failure to document any of the medications can lead to an error. The physician must make sure that the documentation made is correct with the prescription label as well as the expiration date.

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It contains various ambulatory or community cares that present the errors related to medication, adverse reactions of the drugs and various recommendations in the eradication of medication errors. The other common resource used, offered by the ISMP, is focused to offer education to the patients who are on medication on the safety measures while undergoing medication. The data can be found at www. consumermedsafety. org. It is modified to assist pharmacies to alert the pharmacy staff on the health literacy. It also helps to determine obstacles that may hinder the low literacy patients from acquiring various services offered by the pharmacy as well as identification of the areas that need to be sophisticated. The American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists (ASHP) developed a site www.

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