The London Met and its Accountability to Mark Duggans Lawful killing

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A lot of investigations on the killing of Mark Duggan have been carried out so as to account for his killing. The police officer, V53 has been blamed by many people for his fatal shootings but there has never been anyone to look into the matter of this police brutality as the state’s government has shown a lot of reluctance in the matter (Davis, 2017). From the previous research there has been an argument on whether Mark Duggan was in possession of a gun when he was being shot or he did not have a gun. The truth about Mark Duggan holding a gun has not yet been pointed out. From the report given by IPCC (Independent Police Complaints’ Commission) says that Mark Duggan was about to throw away a gun bullet towards the police officer, V53 while being shot (Davis, 2017).

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In the event where the police office, V53 found that Mark was holding a gun ready to shoot him as the state tried to put out, then it can be said that the officer did the right thing not even acceptable thing. This has not yet been proved because the killing of Mark raised much demonstrations among the blacks and other movements advocating for justice were also seen to emerge meaning that there was racial oppression in London which led to the killing of the black man, Mark Duggan (Bassel, 2017). This paper will also give prove of whether V53 did the right acceptable thing or the wrong unacceptable thing. Research methodological techniques This involves the procedures and techniques used to analyze the information collected from Mark’s family, other individuals and various organizations about the killing of Mark Duggan.

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These techniques includes interviewing the persons involved like the family of Mark Duggan so as to determine whether Mark Duggan was a criminal and also to determine what he was capable of doing. The report given by the state of London to mark the accountability of the killing of Mark Duggan lawful took a period of three and half years to be written and announced to both the public and the family of Mark Duggan. The mother of Mark Duggan, Pamela Duggan said that the state’s report was just like a slap in the face because it took much time to come up with the report and thus Pamela as the mother of Mark did not trust the report. To some extent, Pamela Duggan was right because it is impossible for a state of a nation to carry out investigations for the killing of one person for a period of more than three years meaning that the investigations had been interfered with by the state officials in the fear of being blamed of having murdered someone.

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At each and every stage of the investigation, the state has been seen to avoid the blame of having murdered Mark Duggan and throughout the investigation process the state of London has repeated the trauma of the killing of Mark Duggan again and again so as to eventually absolve the blame and account Mark Duggan’s killing as a lawful killing which Mark’s family does not accept up to today but there is nothing the family can do since the state has already declared it a lawful killing. Something learned from the United State’s eruptions is that the black people are the most people being killed by the police and they are therefore denied “life” before they die and also after they die because presence of black people did not guarantee their life (Erfani-Ghettani, 2018).

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For instance, many people know that racial oppression occurs yet they deny it. Other people like the state officials of the government of London can witness real acts of racial oppression among other evil actions like those of slavery or any other kind of suffering yet they deny the happening of such actions (Cohen, 2017). In this case, Mark Duggan’s killing can also be associated to Stanley Cohen’s theory of denial whereby the officials of the state of London could have known the truth behind the killing of Mark Duggan but they denied it to the public to avoid the public blame on the state (Cohen, 2017). The theory of denial can also be associated with the fact that black people were denied life by the society and killing Mark Duggan was one way of showing how the life of a black man was meaningless (Cayli et al.

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The act of racial oppression is a very uncomfortable topic which makes t hard for a nation’s state to acknowledge that such an act like killing really can happen. This battle was to demand for the value of life for blacks. White people protested against this movement which the state was seen to protest. Conclusion From the information collected during research and also from previous resources, there is a need for proper justice which recognizes racism from educators, health professionals, government, police, and employers to lead to equality of treatment between blacks and whites because in London and other places, there is a very limited opportunity for blacks to live a flourishing life. Proper justice should thus be implemented so that racial oppression among other suffering is no longer the case.

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