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Burns and Bush (2014), state that secondary data is data collected or rather gathered by someone else other than the original researcher for some other purpose than the research project at hand. Research methodology equips an individual with skills and information needed for solving problem hence being able to solve the challenges presented by the fast-paced decision-making environment (Cooper and Schilinder, 2013). According to Bailey, Hutter and Hennink (2011), research methodology is defined as the way data is collected. The chapter will mainly focus on describing the method of empirical research, the survey design used in the research, data collection and analysis, and the validity and reliability of the research. 1 Research Design Research design explains the structure and framework in the way the study will address the research objectives and the research questions (Du Plessis, Joose and Strydom, 2009).

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Qualitative analysis is fit for this study due to its purpose with stronger sensitivity than a quantitative method in such a study. Due to the study been exploratory in nature, the process of allowing data to speak for itself further supports a qualitative method of inquiry (Heppner, Kivlighan and Wampold, 1999). 4 Data Collection Data collection involved primary data which focuses on the first-hand information (Kent, 2007). The primary purpose of the research was to obtain data so as to address the specific problem and come up with the results. Data collection will be done through technical reports, literature review, search strategy and scholarly journals. 5 Data Analysis Data analysis is always the first step immediately data is collected. The objectives of data analysis consist interpreting and drawing conclusions large quantity of data collected.

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