Mis Education of the Negro Analysis

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The literature for the African Americans was regarded irrelevant and was less preferred even by the black Americans. These were the sentiments of Mr. Woodson in his book, and the effects of the message from the book can still be felt today (Woodson & Carter, 2017). People choose to stay mis-educated not because there are no schools, but because they simply choose not to invest in their minds. For instance, in the Southern Texas University, there is a course about African Americans, which is taught by a well-educated African Americans. Woodson and Carter 2017, established that the most political leaders the world serves today are miseducated. It is a funny idea, but it is the plain truth. It happens that common faces like Tyler Perry are regarded as the most decently dressed woman.

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It will be remembered that during the slavery era, “Mamie” was a symbol of a united family. There is a dark interpretation of the concept. They should have plotted a plan after the civil war, which would give them direction. The society must have demonstrated where the education would lead them to. It was not the responsibility of the Native Americans to set an education system for them. It was the role of the African American society to come up with systems that would manage their education. Dubois believed that they should have used their education for the purposes of demonstrating their philanthropy. The African Americans must do away with fear and anger, for them to fit well in the society.

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He believed that people should get the education, train on a special talent, live a good life and get educated with the day’s politics. The African Americans can only drift away from their true living through distortion. The only way to ruin or distort their lives is through taking their history and changing it. The literature reminds the Negros how they unjust to the African Americans how much their inferiority was more of a germ carrier. The true story behind arts and Africans has however been ignored. Education was key to everyone, including the Negros. Much glory is given to the whites who invested their efforts to give education to their fellow whites and the African Americans. It is these whites who established churches and schools for the Native Americans and the African Americans.

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The African Americans should take the step to build more schools and churches, better than they are doing now. The African Americans can reduce struggle in separating the education systems and invest quality time in understanding the sympathy of education. They can become the best of themselves if they choose to stand by their values and their unique individuality. The purpose of education is to promote unity amongst us and help us move together. If they all embrace education, they can help the world move together while improving the living standards of all, both whites and African Americans. Educators are the people who can embrace these facts and apply them in their living. Urbana, Ill: Council of Teachers of English, 1990. Heath, G L.

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