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Various factors have been attributed to this rapid developed that saw the city grow into becoming the 5th largest and recognized city in the world, and the largest city in modern Turkey (Bastéa & Eleni). These factors have created a big gap between the old Ottoman Constantinople, and the modern Europeanised city of the current Greek Athens. Istanbul city is also known as Byzantium and Constantinople. It is the largest city in Turkey, and it even wins the pride of being the fifth largest city in the world today. The most remarkable strides that this city has embraced in the last few years is becoming the home of the economic, cultural and financial center of Turkey, and also accommodating a population of around 12.

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The installation of the conveyor belts in automobiles and other industries is among the most remarkable steps that saw the town change from old to new. With less workforce involved in industries, there were higher wages for those working in the sectors operating machines, and this was a challenge to the less educated, consequently leading to more enrolment in elementary schools. The living standard changed rapidly changed because the workers share in the national income also changed (Travlos & John, 392). To be precise, technological changes in the current Greek Athens has led to the creation and facilitation of new job opportunities, improvement of the infrastructure, and rapid growth of both social and economic activities in the city, unlike the old Ottoman Constantinople where human labor was the critical factor of production.

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Whereas the modern technology has profoundly changed the outlook of the ancient Ottoman Constantinople, there are various drawbacks that it has caused which has been an outcry to many Turks. In as much as the ottoman Constantinople was believed to be a unique place in Asia continent, the introduction of the modern architectural techniques changed the outlook of the city to a great extent. The area has become a hub of both local and international tourists, and many international events have been concentrated there in the recent. Also, it is at this place where the development of the modern and most recent notions of culture has been nurtured. The preservation of history versus heritage, the recognition of legitimacy, identity, and trusteeship and stewardship, restitution and appropriation, are just a few resources that have been preserved at the Modern Greek Athens; after embracement of the modern architectural techniques.

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The controversy that has been hard to embrace and believe in the Modern Greek Athens is the contribution of the Christians in the development of the city. Immigration is also another direct factor that contributed to the drastic change and development of the modern Istanbul city. People from different walks of life sought for settlement in Greece, sprouting enormous socioeconomic changes in the region. The region in the nineteenth century became a hub of building activities. Modern structures were built in every corner of the city, and this unprecedented building activity made a remarkable change of the outlook of the city. The city extended as a proper and highly recognized urban sprawl, unlike the historical peninsula which had captured the headlines before the nineteenth century.

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