Multicultural Perspectives on Health and Healing

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Different people have various and differing perspectives on what is supposed to be the final health achievement of the wellbeing of human creatures. It is crucial to note that there is a need to consider the advancements and changes in our ways of life with reference to our health and how our relationship with the environment affect our health and wellbeing. The holistic well-being is a lifestyle that allows a person to be more energetic due to enhanced health as well as fitness. It involves a situation where a person experiences the best health fitness status which is a combination of physical, mental, as well as the spiritual comfort which is greatly determined by the type of life that a person chooses (Fryback, 1993).

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However, achieving a holistic well-being calls for personal responsibility as well as commitment. From the invention of medicine, different practices have been done to offer better health to human beings, most of which were related to the culture of the traditional groups involved. Such practices started from the use of medicinal hubs by the traditional communities before the invention of more advanced technology to uncover more improved medicines (Fryback 1993). In recent days more advanced technology advocates for several quality medications for different diseases. However, holistic medication involves prevention strategies rather than focusing on the treatment of the problem. The ancient traditions of holistic medications date back to approximately five thousand years ago both in India as well as China which emphasized the requirement of practicing a life that is in harmony with nature (Thelen 2015).

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The effects of excess consumptions of sugars as well as deficiencies in nutritious foods, exercises, and feeling of self-worth are also known to cause different life-threatening complications as they lead to accumulation of toxicities in the body. These toxicities play a great role in diminishing the life quality as time passes hence setting up a vulnerable platform for diseases to attack the body. Holistic services providers are comprised of medical doctors, osteopathy doctors and naturopathic as well as chiropractors and homeopathic practitioners. As one selects such a doctor, it is essential to carefully consider the qualifications of such a person which involves training, specialty as well as the professional experience and relation with hospitals and other related organizations (Sharma, 1992). Other considerations should involve the certification by a recognized medical board and whether his or her philosophical views on treatment are in harmony the person’s perspectives in order to avoid frustrations.

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People support their intellectual wellbeing when they take part in innovative exercises, learn new things, and advance insight. Occupationally related health includes the reasonableness of our work to our interests, abilities, and values, and the satisfaction we pick up from our callings. Notwithstanding, work does not just mean paid occupations but also other roles we have to play such as a father or a mother. Holistic Health practice is mostly centered on accomplishing more lifted measures of prosperity and additionally maintaining a strategic distance from the ailment. People welcome the vitality and success that results from their constructive lifestyle changes and are prodded to continue with this strategy for the span of their lives. Sutherland, Valerie, and Cary Cooper. Strategic stress management: An organizational approach.

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Springer. Sharma, Ursula. Complementary medicine today: practitioners and patients.

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