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• Is Australia an example of a successful multicultural nation? Australia is a nation which is rich in multiculturalism. In fact, this is a reality in Australia which has embraced different ethnic and diverse cultural groups with divergent origins. It is evident and an everyday reality that cannot be suppressed in the country. It can be seen in workplaces, schools, buses, trains, and even in suburbs. In all these mentioned places, Australians get to mix with different people of divergent backgrounds. The same has prevailed up to today when they are in their 80’s. when these people were asked about their opinion on the same they argued that it is natural for some people to have fears and the debates will go on.

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No one would stop the debates because each and every person must have the fear of the unknown. It is quite healthy for the debates to exist as long as they hurt no one and at the end of the day, the country is progressing (Mann, 2016, p. Therefore, the civil debates that are being held almost each and every day about the concerns of culture, race as well as diversity are quite acceptable for a society like Australia. They have started going back to the drawing board to have the changes in the policies that had been made to make way for the multiculturalism reversed. In Germany, France, Britain, and Netherlands, the policies are being revised or scrapped altogether to make sure that the demands o the few conservative individuals are met (Mann, 2016, p.

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These people who prefer to have their nations maintain a rather contemptuous and biased approach towards this aspect of multiculturalism are the ones that call themselves the natives. This has not been seen happening in Australia because the people guard the concept of multiculturalism just like they do to their heritage and tradition. If the laws that fight for multiculturalism in Australia were to be withdrawn, then there would be more division observed among the citizens and there would be an uprising of one community or ethnic group against the others. In this way, an immigrant has integrated into the culture-rich Australian society and becomes part of it, enhancing more multiculturalism. • Is China a multicultural nation? There is some form of multiculturalism in China although it is not intense.

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In examining the aspect of multiculturalism in China, one has to look at it from a different perspective (Jens et al. , 2016, p. For instance, among the “Han” race, there are many cultures that exist within the same race. Emperor Gaozong of Tang was obsessed with stories of the prophet that he heads from the teachings o Islam that he admired the religion and also practiced it and ordered the building of the mosque in his own is of jurisdiction. The Europeans too have had their influence on China. This is through the trading ties that western and eastern Europe has had with China (Kim, 2016, p. Though there has been some cultural influence in the Chinese society through people from different backgrounds, it is not quite visible to a considerable extent.

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