The Power Relationship in the Society

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He explains how the whites’ people used their position to undermine the less privileged races and forcing them to adapt their custom and beliefs. He asserts that the issue of outsiders from the perspective of liberty and their limitations among the residents of America are specific on natural distinct and aggressive to others. Out of these point of view, the three races reflected by Tocqueville include; the Whites, Negroes, and the Indians. The three are naturally distinct and very arrogant to one another, this lead to unequal power sharing that originated from education and laws as well as the outward distinctiveness, despite the fact that they come from the background, the three races are not the same, but they are no longer united.

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The whites are occupying the higher rank of power termed as superpower man; they exercise intelligence and enjoyment in ruling over the inferior. Whites' tyranny offered the Indians stressful life and caused disorderly making them less civilized than their early life. The physical and moral conditions of their customs become more wretched, and the future of these groups remains on the hand of the Europeans to unite all the communities in a universal hostility to the whites even though their efforts are unavailing. The other tribes will be weakened to become less resistance, and the others will pave the way to these approaches and willing to hence the two races will never be united, and they will remain always separated. The future of the two races is threatening; this is evident from the immediate outcome of humiliation and the dangers of the United States existing as the superpower (34).

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Personally, I predict the future that the abolition of slave and treating the black as their equals will reduce the tension and isolation of the races. The law of nature given by the creator is superior in obligation to all and uniting both genders. Hence social rules are not valid to enforce women to their regulations. Nevertheless, this is not the case with the United States of America where the rights of a woman and citizenship are well recognized. This gender parity led to the arising of the solutions in 19 C to end the exploitation of a woman in the society. The laws denying a woman the happiness in occupying the community are no ground because the creator gave the guideline on how to live.

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Lincoln appeals to the North and South America to stop the cruel slavery and hold every people responsible and get rid of those problematic institutions. All people deserve a full and fair legislative institution that ensures all the people are free and they deserve to be allowed to enjoy the freedom of bondage from slavery. The whites should treat the blacks as the equals, and in case they marry their women they should make them the wives and not their slaves. The whites occupying the superior rank should not at any given point make the blacks their slavery. In his opinion, the superior Whites should desist their way of subjecting the blacks to work as their slaves. He argues that all people are subject to enjoy their rights and freedom irrespective of their race and environment and denounce those equals socially and politically in the society.

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