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As a calling, one only needs to accept it and do what the profession calls for, fine-tuning personal abilities through education and experience, and immersing their whole being into the world of patients. This philosophy is guided by my personal approach to nursing. I take it as the primary activity towards the redemption of the person from the ailment or injury they are suffering from. Also, I take every patient as an individual, one who needs customized attention and a careful and different approach from the other. I don't believe that the nurse ought to stop where the professional bar stops at. They are often exposed to very scary and often traumatic patient conditions that may lead them to troubling flashbacks which may affect their efficiency.

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As a nurse, therefore, I will need to decisively bite as much as I can safely and effectively chew. I believe that work stress for a nurse can be best addressed through the development of functional support teams and groups. I also believe that a nurse who is satisfied with their work will be more efficient and thus make few mistakes, if any, at their workplace. Using my philosophy, I will first maintain an ongoing career training through refresher courses to update myself with the current trends in nursing and thus keep up with emerging issues which would otherwise scale down my productivity. Only when so treated will the person be wholly healed. It is easy to treat a person but to leave them unhealed.

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I consider healing as an all-rounded term including the relief of mental and psychological problems which means that the nurse has to give hope where it's needed and to assure the patient that all will be well despite the fact that they are terribly or significantly unwell. The customization comes in due to the variety of cases that the nurse will have to handle. He will interact with people who don't believe in painkillers to ease pain at death such as the Buddhists who believe in the karma, or to people who believe that a man must be attended to by a fellow man and vice versa such as the Arab Muslims. Lastly, the nurse is attending to people of all cases and therefore has to customize his services, packaging them as per the needs of the target person.

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One is in a wheelchair, another one on their deathbed. An isolated person is unconscious. All these cases call for the attention of the nurse, hence, the need for the nurse to get used to and practice giving attention to people with different health needs and environments. In this case, environment means either at the hospital, the workplace, in the fields, at the family place or at the office place. I can handle many patients at a go with necessarily getting impatient with any of them. In my practice, I employ communication a lot. I am a listening person and that is essential in my career. I have to first listen before I advise a patient on their next course of action.

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