The political right wing in America

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The political right also increased the voices of the modern conservatives. This paper will discuss the effects of the right wings on American elections, politics, and thoughts of race, economy, and gender. The paper will additionally demonstrate how the wave led by the Koch brothers changed the political system of the US and the implications that led to Trump becoming the president. The 1970s right wing was preceded by the occurrences of the 1960s. The period's characteristics included a record of liberalism in the US, movements of civil rights, anti-Vietnam battle protests, free love And student radicalism (Lay 46). For instance, several left-wings considered blue-collar employment in social services consistent with their belief. On the other hand, the right-wing built them firmly in business, politics and different influential positions.

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More importantly, the conservatives gained recent support from the emergence of neo-conservatives. Historians argue that US history proceeds in cycles with inevitable changes between the great endorsement of conservatism and liberalism (Muis and Tim 922). However, other scholars have indicated unwavering conservatism in the country. Different movements including the extreme right and the populist radical right-wing are applied interchangeably to describe several other conservative actions across the world. The most significant basis for the labels is exclusionism and ethno-nationalism. Their argument and nativist bearing explain that nations should be inhabited by members of the native people exclusively. According to them non-natives groups and their ideas endangers the homogeneous state of the USA. The radical label, therefore, is described as the outspoken stand at the far edge of the political band on the problems associated with ethnic diversity and immigration (Lay 52).

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The Koch brothers used their network to fund Trumps campaigns despite a few instances of disagreements. According to them, the election cycle in American politics and policy measures comprised of several funders who assisted in overwriting various free-market and small government campaign organizations. More so, their interest in Trump’s presidency has been aligned with their views on growing fossil fuels. In addition, their desire has been associated with stimulating charter schools, slashing government policies and taxes, and replacing or repealing the Obamacare (Koch 347) Moreover, the Koch brothers have been termed as conservative wealthy individuals who have spent resources on political foundations. The brothers are said to have operated on the fringes of the Republican Party in most of their lives, but recently they have attained a central command in the party.

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According to the Public citizen review concerning the relationship between the Trump administration and Koch’s brother policy agenda, Trumps’ vice president and other significant persons are critical elements in the government today (Public Citizen 12). Because of these alignments, Trump had to include a large number of his officials and the cabinet from his facilitators. The report also suggests that a significant proportion of officials in the white house are allied to the Koch brothers alongside other nominees. The country is also faced with an administration where essential sectors are managed and controlled by the brothers according to the article review. Such departments include Energy, the Environmental Protection Department, Interior and the National Treasury. " History in the Making.  vol1no. Muis, Jasper, and Tim Immerzeel.

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