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A society in which peasants have the final say on what to do with their land, seeds and harvest. A society in which the indigenous people are able to freely protect their environment through campaigns against illegal deforestation. A society that strongly disapproves marginalization of certain groups of people like women through trafficking and prostitution. The list is endless. This simply gives us a glimpse of what a perfectly sown society should look like. (Evans,2005:658-660) All these are as a result of globalization on the society. Considering the fact that permanently stopping inter-border activities may bring a society to its knees because we depend on each other for survival, the perfect way to maintain reasonable space for every community member would be as follows; Transnational connections can easily be harmonized by equal distribution of power and wealth as well as creating social and ecologically sustainable communities.

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This can be generally referred to as counter-hegemonic globalization. (Evans,2005:661). My communityis one with an independent feminist movement. `A community with a strong local and global environmental stewardship is a perfect explanation of my community. A community that has inculcated strong environmental stewardship among its members boasts of very minimal or lack of drought cases, landslides or any other environmental related calamities. Walking around a natural forest, picking flowers and listening to the sweet sound of wind on the fresh leaves is only a reality in my kind of community where environmentalism is a priority just like any other important issue. Imagine of a well cultivated environmental stewardship that ensures that all classes of people have access to freshly harvested vegetables and grains.

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That is my kind of utopia. A perfectly developed community does not have a minority representation of people making decisions for the entire community. This kind of community advocates for equality among all members hence there is great need for the minority (leaders) to consult the majority(citizens) before making decisions that will affect them in one way or another. Nothing could ever surpass the ability of a community in which global thinking is possible. This is my kind of community. Most people have the ability to think wisely only about things they know very well. This implies that most of the communities around the world are implementing ideas that were brutally imposed on them by external forces and forgetting or ignoring some of the indigenously developed ideas which perhaps would have been much better than the foreign ideas.

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Therefore,with a community that has the ability to think and act locally, the people will concentrate on developing and implementing their own ideas rather than working with ideas that were developed elsewhere and unwillingly imposed on them. A community in which tomorrow begins today is an example of my kind of community. A community where people do not go to work to provide to sustain themselves for that day alone but they do so with an aim of planning for the present and the future. In the world of those who live and maim for authority, there is no space for humankind. My community has no separation of people into different worlds; the corporate globalists and the citizen movements. Corporate globalists live in a world of privilege and power.

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To them there is development everywhere because from their point of view, their moves to privatize public assets and remove any form governmental interference seems to be spreading liberty and prosperity all over the world. (International forum on globalization,2002:np). On the other hand ,the citizen movements see a completely different reality. The current and future of human being’s well being is entirely dependent on the transformations of the relationships of power between and within human societies towards mutually accountable and democratic ways of handling human affairs. (International forum on globalization,2002:np). Taking this into consideration, it is clear that most the economies around the world right now are not democratically managed hence the ruling class end up oppressing the marginalized groups.

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Therefore,in my kind of utopia that advocates for economic democracy, there will are very minimal cases of marginalized people being oppressed by the elite. My community is one with ecological sustainability. Subcommandate Marcos,Our World is Our Weapon. (“Tomorrow begins today”)Closing Remarks at the First Intercontinental Encuentro for Humanity and against Neoliberalism,August,3,1996,seven stories press 2001,pp115-23. “Vandana Shiva, Economic Balance in an Era of Globalization”, in Paul Wapner and Lester Edwin J. Ruiz,(eds) Principled World Politics: The Challenge of Normative International Relations, Rowan and Littlefield,200, pp ,130-33,153-37,139-41,145-49. Gustavo Esteva and Madhu Suri Prakash,” From global to local: Beyond Neoliberalism to the International of Hope,” in GrasrootsPostmodernism: Remarkingthe Soils of Cultures, ZedBooks, pp,19-27,27-28,32-33.

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