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It is possible to identify the various nonverbal communication used by the parties either consciously or unconsciously in the course of teaching. The teacher interprets the known nonverbal behaviors expressed by learners which can help in gauging their level of understanding, acceptance or how the message was received by them (Burgoon et al. , p240). Students, on the other hand, can be able to get an in-depth knowledge of the subject being taught. Hypotheses established based on cultural norms in this place include; Teacher’s motion in class is different from that of students. Non-verbal communication is effective in interactions if they are given correct interpretation. There are nonverbal communication types some of which I noticed in the institution I paid a visit.

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They are discussed as below; The first nonverbal communication I observed is the kinesics which is the study of human body movement. It involves the use of gestures, posture, facial expressions, the rate of walking and eye contact in communication. Instructors could use them more often during teaching. Activities including lessons are scheduled and run according to the duration allocated to them. This is important because it ensures proper utilization of time and that all tasks are carried. Use of non-verbal communication helps to reinforce a point due to its repetitive use which in turn enhances memory on a subject. I found people's behavior resembling the hypothesis set. For instance, teachers were seen to be moving around more in class while teaching than students.

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