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It is vital for management to accrue more information regarding the effectiveness of each Accreditation before settling for one. The size of the organization also should be considered when selecting an Accreditation. Our healthcare organization is small. It was established three years ago, and for that reason, it will be crucial to choose hospital and healthcare accreditation. In the present work setting, this type of accreditation will yield favorable results (Laymon et al. Creating public awareness regarding health transformation resonates the requirements of the Accreditation (Laymon et al. This type of information can reach them through proper advertisement strategies which our healthcare institution lacks. Advertisement concerning the available vacancies needs to be bolstered. If possible, the organization need to conduct a pre-evaluation on applicants’ capabilities before the commencement of the one on one interview, but this lacks in our organization.

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Evaluating the Culture of My Organization The first two years were good. Every worker had a right to complain about specific challenges. The culture resonated aspect of social intelligence (Mishra, 2018). However, that was not regulated, and sometimes arguments became uncontrollable. The management now believes that employees lacked respect in the manner they expressed specific grievances. The new culture now is to limit communication at the top management, and by that, I feel the company is not doing so well. Sometimes, the leaders were forced to rescind a decision, and this did not promote stability. Our current leadership style has brought that stability (Kelly, 2015), but still, things are not okay. Identification of the Problem From our present organizational culture and leadership style, it is evident that our healthcare organization is struggling.

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About our corporate culture, effective communication is limited to the top managers (Ahmady, 2016). Even though employees are allowed to express their concerns regarding the working condition, when it comes to implementation of various plans, employees’ opinions do not count. In this case, I am emphasizing the need for the top management to formulate frameworks that will also address the welfare of all workers. When an individual commits a mistake, there should be a strategy that will counteract the situation formidably. Working in an organization where your views are not respected makes it hard for an employee to deliver his or her best (Mishra, 2018). A Solution to the Problem I must admit that the nature organizational problem has created a room for laxity.

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As a healthcare provider, I am not pushed into finding more about evidence-based approaches. Women are our mothers and sisters so; they form an essential part of our culture. When the management of our healthcare organization decided to focus on diagnosing and managing of Breast Cancer, the public was not informed. The modern culture and the accreditation prioritize inclusivity as far as promotion of healthiness is concerned (Laymon et al. So, there is a possibility of an emergence of cultural backlash for failing to address the healthcare needs of men. Change Management Process and Strategic Planning Here, I am going to discuss eight stages that will enhance transformation. This will make all healthcare providers strive towards achieving a common objective. There will be no way members of our organization will know about the vision if we fail in creating a communication platform.

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