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This area of nursing is of great interest to me because while working as an emergency care nurse, I have to stay alert always. It also gives me an opportunity to take care of patients who need immediate relief from either pain or particular discomfort (Granger et al. As an emergency nurse, I would need to work at the emergency department in various hospitals. However, areas of practice are not restricted, and therefore one can work in sports functions, ground ambulances, urgent health care centers, and medical transport aircraft. To be a certified emergency care nurse, I need to be a registered nurse then specialize in providing urgent care to a patient with acute injuries and other ill threatening conditions. This area functions to preserve life and protect the life of the population.

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Another reason this area of nursing interest me is that it enhances the value of life and ensures healthy individual in a community. As a community healthcare nurse, my sole responsibility is to identify health problems within the community and provide solutions for them (Sim et al. To become a community health care nurse, I first need to be a registered nurse, which entails passing a degree and obtaining practice license, after which I need to obtain a master’s degree in public health or community health. Additionally, I would consider taking an examination of advanced public health nursing. I have also realized that for a successful nursing operation, there needs to be a team of nurses alongside other healthcare providers such the physicians, laboratory technician, and pharmacies.

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Nurses need to exercise a high level of competency and skills to promote optimum health of patients. I also learned that nurses are the sole caretakers and need to be very careful in their operations. An additional concept I discovered is that, since nurses interact at maximum level with patients, they need to uphold good personal relationship. For instance, nurses need to articulate proficient communication skills to allow for proper communication with patients. I have realized that when I conduct all my activities in at the scheduled time, I get to perform with little pressure and as a result, I can get some ample resting time. Another coping strategy that I have discovered through time is staying updated with the standard code of practice, as this will help me stay in line during my operations.

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